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My Liberation Notes -- Episodes 10-16 (final): Life is What We Make It to Be

This drama takes me places I only imagined, and I love it for doing that. Let me just start by saying I love that Gu is a big boss. That said, I cherish Mi Jung's instincts to protect, love, and explore -- that she doesn't hold back. When Gu told her she scares him, what I heard was him saying he was completely and totally falling for her, and that truly scared him because he doesn't think he deserves to be loved, and especially not by someone as transparent as her. But I like that Mi Jung insists on showing him he deserves to be loved in that special way he's come to love.

As much as I like Tae Hoon (I hate his family life, it seems so hectic and overbearing), I can't help but like Ki Jung better with her boss, especially since he's started falling for her. Despite not liking how Tae Hoon's sister hurt Ki Jung, I thought she deserved to hear how much her words hurt Tae Hoon's daughter. And more, I am not sure she understands Tae Hoon is a package deal, nor do I know if she is ready for that, but we shall see. As deep as both Mi Jung and Ki Jung are in their liberation, as simple Chang Hee is with his, but I adore him for it as it works for him.

Time and time again, I find myself saying I love everything about the new episodes. To be honest, I love this drama. . It made me realize what it must feel to be worshiped and liberated. I loved Mi Jung's reflection on life; it's like she was reading my mind. I've often had the same thoughts about life and the world around me, and her speaking those thoughts out loud made me feel connected, meaningful, and liberated. I love how Gu pays attention to everything Mi Jung says, the way he looks at her, and the things he says. It all feels so natural, even the moment they realize their love was genuine. Her boss repulses me, but I have to say I admire her resolve, her ability to keep so calm I would have jumped him to pieces. If there is anything I cannot take, it is insolence at other people's expense. I loved seeing how connected, freeing, and grounded Gu's car made Chang Hee, and how connected he got with Ji Hyun Ah. I love them together. But my favorite was Ki Jung and Tae Hoon. I love how she always lets herself be passionately drawn by the strange pull of what she wants. I admire her the most, but Tae Hoon, his silent yet authoritative stance, stole my heart so completely and completely.

As much as I enjoyed My Liberation Notes, I was not ready for it to come to an end. It took me to places in my subconscious I never paid much attention to before. It liberated me by how it depicted human relations, helping me appreciate the people in my life, and opening me up to accept those to come in the future that my old self may never have done. Every relationship in this drama mattered, and that's what made it so special. More than any other drama, My Liberation Notes made me realize how blessed I was in my current life, rather than the life I think I should've had. I would not have had that without going on this fantastic, silent, yet deeply affecting and meaningful journey with Gu, Mi Jung, Ki Jung, Chang Hee, Tae Hun, and everyone else who participated in this story, whether in a prominent or supporting role. There were many touching and emotional moments in this drama, but the Yeom children gathered for their father's birthday, and finally opening up is one of the best.

My Liberation Notes is a drama that resonated with me in many ways. Just watching it made me feel like I am being liberated, and I wasn't even half as deep as where the characters were, if at all. But then, who can't relate to the struggles of fading youth, wanting to love and be loved, managing mounting responsibilities to the extent of losing the will for idle talk, and the unavoidable frustrations and challenges of daily lives when even living itself is burdensome, not many. A thousand and one kudos to the writer, director, and actors for quietly yet forcefully imparting me with the message that life is what we make, always has been, and always will be; we just need to believe that. Next to My Mister and Lost My Liberation Notes will remain with me for a long time to come, silently forcing me to hear the things I unconsciously and sometimes consciously ignored. My weekends will never be the same again. I will miss the "something good will happen to you today" sign board as much as I will miss this drama. Watch Drama Here



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