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Law School -- Episode 4: Law and Justice

"Law and justice are not always the same" ~ Gloria Steinem.

What an episode; I truly enjoy the dialogues in this drama. Things always seem to move so fast, and it's what I like most about the show. I love Joon Hwi's and Professor Yang's wit and ability to bend and whip circumstances and people alike. I can see why Joon Hwi idealizes the professor and why the professor likes Joon Hwi. He probably reminds him of himself. The way they each manipulated the prosecutor and Man Ho was brilliant. I knew Joon Hwi's uncle's wife was evil. I just knew it. To pay the forensic pathologists to fabricate her husband's death so she can have Jon Hwi indicted and get the inheritance, only the devil would do something like that.

I've wracked my brain trying to figure out Kang-Byul's connection to Lee Man-Ho (kudos to Jo Jae Ryong for doing this creepy role so well); at first, I thought the boy Professor Seo killed in the hit and run incident witnessed Man Ho rapping Kang Sol A, but now I am of the mind that it was Kang Sol A's twin sister Kang Dan that was raped and that Kang Byul maybe her daughter which would make her Man Ho's daughter too. I don't think either of them knows, but Kang Byul is aware of him, which explains her fear of him and his interest in her. I wonder if Sol A got into Hankook Law school in place of her twin sister Dan is either dead or just missing, and Sol seems to be attending Hankook Law in place of her sister.

Out of all the students, I appreciate Kang Sol A the most; her passion for justice, be it for Joon Hwi or even the Professor, is infectious. Sadly, it doesn't trickle itself into the rest of her classmates, especially stone-faced Kang Sol B, who seems to have it out for her and Professor Yang. I think she took the sugar packet that proves Professor Yang was telling the truth. I was a bit surprised that she has feelings for Joon Hwi; it explains her animosity towards Sol A but not the Professor, though. I am sure she has a reason. I wonder if Joon Hwi has feelings for her too. I would rather he has feelings for Sol A as he seems closer to her than the other students. On the other hand, I think Yoo Seung Jae may have feelings for Sol A.

Besides Joon Hwi and Kang Sol's reveals, this episode shed some light on the other students. Seo Ji Ho seems to have held some grudge over Professor Seo, which definitely gives him a motive for his murder other than, of course, wanting Joon Hwi gone so he can be top of the class. On the other hand, Jeon Ye Seul is in an abusive relationship with Assemblyman Go Hyeong Soo's son. The same Assemblyman was tangled up with Professor Seo, Lee Man-Ho, and Kang Dan, Sol A's sister. I'm not sure what's up with Yoo Seung Jae, but stealing Sol B's laptop puts him in the suspicious category unless he knows something incriminating about her. And as much as I dislike Sol B for her nastiness as much as I feel for her to be chained to an overbearing and pretentious mother who's more concerned about having a daughter in a prestigious Law School than anything else.

Watching Sol B with her mother was quite disturbing, but even more so the knowledge that her mother may have bought her way into Hankuk Law through the Vice Dean (Oh Man Seok), whom I strongly suspect may be Sol B's father, is more devastating. I doubt Sol B knows, though; I can only imagine how crushing it would be for her to find out not only that her mom bought her way into law school but that the Vice Dean is her father and may have had a hand into it as well. I knew the Vice Dean was dirty; the minute I saw him. I had a feeling he was the one that stole Professor Yang's laptop, and I was right. I wouldn't be surprised if he took that packet of sugar as well. I wonder if Dean Oh Jeong Hee (Kil Hae Yeon) and Professor Yang are aware of his relationship with Sol B.

It's sad to see Professor Yang's students besides Joon Hwi and Sol A be so ambivalent about his guilt or innocence. On the contrary, it seems that they may even hold the key to his innocence or know of something that may prove him innocent but keep it to themselves even as they see the police, prosecution, and even the school target him so maliciously. Everybody in that school had a connection to Professor Seo, or more like he had something on them, making them all suspects. That neither Han Joon Hwi nor Professor Yang killed him is abundantly clear, but if so, then who did, and why; I am intrigued beyond words. I bet the murderer will be someone we least expect. Watch Episode 4 here.



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