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Law School -- Episode 6: The Most Unassuming are the Most Interesting

They say --- Art is either plagiarism or revolution ~ Paul Gauguin.

So if it was neither Vice Dean Kang nor his daughter that took Professor Yang's notebook, then it must be Yoo Seung Jae since he also had Sol B's notebook, and maybe tampering with Professor Kim's computer or notebook as well. He sure is acting real suspect right now. Did someone put him up to it, or like Seo Ji Ho and Kang Sol B, Seung Jae is trying to stack the odds in his favor. Aside from this, the only other explanation that makes sense right now is that he knows Sol B plagiarized her way into law school, but it doesn't explain why he would tamper with Professor Kim's computer. The truth of the matter is that Sol B didn't need to cheat her way into Hankuk; she's smart enough to get into that law school on her own if only her mother had believed in her. In no way does this excuse Sol B going along with her mom's plan; she's old enough to know right from wrong.

The fact that Sol B continues in the lie and actually believes she still deserves to be a judge is the saddest part. I will give it to Sol B's mom; she is one cunning twisted mind for coming up with the lie to disapprove the plagiarism claim on a paper published over 10 years ago. But in her slyness, she didn't realize that yes, Professor Seo may be dead and cannot refute or prove her and her daughter lairs and cheats, but Professors Yang and Kim can. Of the students and professors, my money is on Sol B's mother as the murderer. She has the biggest motive and the mindset to kill Professor Seo, but that makes her an obvious suspect. Time will tell.

I loved how Professor Yang used the daughter/father situation to get them to talk to each other finally but not only that prove to them he's more aware of things than they think. At least One he proved to everybody in that school cares about others more than he does himself. And without a doubt, Prosecutor Jin Hyeong Woo (Park Hyuk Kwon) knows he's innocent. He wants him convicted and put away. It makes me believe he must have a past he would like to keep hidden even if it meant sending an innocent person to prison; what twisted lives they are all lead.

Lee Man Ho hovering around Kang Byeol bothers me to no end. I cannot shake the thought that she may be his and Kang Dan's daughter, and him telling Kang Sol A he's looking for her sister because she knows where his son is, seems to reinforce that thought. Lee Man Ho might just be confused about the gender of the child. But the much bigger question is how are Assemblyman Go Hyeong Soo, Prosecutor Jin Hyeon Woo, dead Professor Seo Byeong Joo, psycho Lee Man Ho, Kang Dan, and Professor Yang connect because connected they are without a doubt. I keep thinking it has something to do with Lee Man Ho's rape incident coupled with Professor Seo's hit and run incident. But since both the assemblyman and Prosecutor Jin Hyeong Woo seem to be involved, I think it might be more than that. And now that Kang Dan has resurfaced, I cannot wait to see how things will go for all parties involved.

Now that Han Joon Hwi's uncle and aunt's betrayals don't plague him anymore, he seems to have transformed into a completely new person. I love this new side of him. Silly, fun, funny, and even protective gone is the arrogant, aloof, and stoic smart guy. Good riddance; I hope we never get to see that side ever again. Joon Hwi cowered in fear, crouched on a wall to get away from a tiny little dog was a sight for sore eyes; I laughed so hard, my favorite moment of the episode. I loved how both he and Sol A enjoyed teasing each other; I can see a slow and refreshingly pleasant romance developing if only the twisted Sol B would stay out of their way, not that I think she will. She's not one to easily give up on something she wants. There are still way too many secrets to uncover in this story, from Seo Ji Ho's family to Jeon Ye Seul's abusive boyfriend, to Yoo Seung Jae's suspicious behavior and even the unassuming Jo Ye Bum and Min Bok Gi. As they say, one should always look out for the unassuming ones. They are the ones with the most to hide. Watch Episode 6 here.



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