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Law School -- Episode 7: Misdirection

To those who abuse: the sin is yours, the crime is yours, and the shame is yours. To those who protect the perpetrators: blaming the victims only masks the evil within, making you as guilty as those who abuse... ~ Flora Jessop.

What an episode. Kim Myung Min is a treat to watch. I knew Yoo Seung Jae was fishy; I hope he doesn't perjure himself in court and say he witnessed Professor Yang kill Professor Seo when he wasn't even there. But what's more, what was Seung Jae doing in Professor Yang's office, and if he already knew Yang didn't commit the crime, why hasn't he come forward; what is his secret; I can't wait to find out. Contrary to popular belief, Seo Ji Ho is not as selfish as he appears; he just lets others think he is, must be a defense mechanism, seeing what he and his family had to endure. It explains why he decided to go to law school. Of all the students, he's turned out to be the strongest witness for Professor Yang rather than against him. I didn't expect that from him.

I was right to think Seo Ji Ho believed Prosecutor Seo ruined his family, but as Joon Hwi told him, he had the information right but the wrong prosecutor. Jin, rather than Seo, leaked the false accusations on his father, which led to his suicide. I can see why Ji Ho decided to go to law school, get revenge from those who wronged him and his family in the worst way possible. I now understand why Yang decided to sue Jin for leaking his information; he'd done it before. This new revelation and Jin's continued shadiness brings everything to focus, especially his dogged pursuit to getting Yang convicted when he knows full and well that he's innocent.

Prosecutor Jin is all about misdirection. As they say, what the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes. I don't get his motive as of yet, but now it seems he, like everyone else, had a strong motive, if not strong, for wanting Seo dead. He is a major suspect in my book. And how about the reveal that Joon Hwi is Seo's son and not his nephew. I don't think Hwi took it to mean his son literally, but I believe the Professor was telling the truth in his drug-infused confession. It explains why the wife thought Seo cared for Hwi more than he did his daughters and why she despised him for it. I doubt she knew the truth, though.

I totally get that overcoming any form of abuse takes time; it's a state of mind over body. It requires the conviction that one in no way deserves that type of treatment. Until Jeon Ye Seul believes that she will continue to suffer her cowardly creep of a boyfriend, I wish she realized he's nothing but a coward who's projecting his father, Assemblyman Ko's behavior towards him onto her. I like that she has Kang Sol A in her corner to speak up for her but only when she admits she needs help will she serve all ties with him. Despite knowing how witty Sol A is, I'm always amazed to see her in action. Her swiftness in figuring out Ye Suel's creepy boyfriend was spying on her was brilliant. But then it's that very passion she has for the underdog that continues to place her in hot water time and time again. I, however, like that she doesn't let it change her. And it's that very passion that Professor Yang sees in her that makes him push her even harder. He knows she has greatness in her.

I knew we wouldn't really get much from the Kang Dan mention, but it looks like we at least get what connects Lee Min Ho and the assemblyman to her. It seems that Kang Dan was the one that came up with and probably wrote the argument to revise the feeble mind act that Lee Min Ho used to get a reduced sentence on his charge of rape. Still, the assemblyman stole her idea and presented it as his own, and she reported him, which I'm sure had adverse implications on her, explains why she went into hiding. Still, it doesn't explain her connection to Lee Min Ho unless she was his rape victim. It may explain why Lee is looking for her, thinking she has his son.



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