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Law School -- Episode 8: Broken People

Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger an individual's morals; the former invariably endangers the morals of an entire country ~ Karl Kraus.

Wow... this drama gets better and better, and I love how each episode sheds light on what makes each student, professor, and all those surrounding Seo's murder tick. It's so convoluted that the very students who're supposed to be the future of a just law system be the ones breaking the very laws they're studying so hard to uphold. Even before they've started to practice it, especially Kang Sol B and Yoo Seung Jae, she's beyond redemption. He, on the other hand, seems like he may be. The minute it was revealed, Seung Jae had Professor Yang's laptop, and when I saw him supposedly helping Professor Kim with her adware problem I knew he was after final exam papers. And seeing Kang Sol A study so hard that she lost consciousness seemed to affect him. I've felt that someone may be threatening him. I hope whatever is eating at him and caused him to steal exam papers isn't going to cost him his life.

I admit I didn't expect the fake witness to be Jeon Ye Seul, nor did I expect the turn of events after, but I did expect that toxic relationship to be the end of either her or his. I'm glad it's not her. It's like they say when two broken people bring their broken pieces together, chances are they will never be a whole anything. And the irony of it all is that Ye Seul's boyfriend was trying to impress his father by pressuring his own girlfriend to fake her witness statement and put away Professor Yang, all this from someone who wanted to go to law school. The apple surely doesn't fall too far from the tree. Not only did he not impress him, but he tarnished an even more ruined reputation. I liked that Joon Hwi recognized the signs in Ye Seul and empowered her to make the right decision, as did overhearing Professor Kim, Kang Sol A, and Professor Yang all in their own ways standing up for her. And Professor wearing the dark glasses as she'd had to wear the duration of her relationship with the toxic boyfriend as she testified against him was so subtle yet so effective, brilliantly done. I'm not worried for Ye Seul anymore now that she has Professor Yang at her side. She'll be fine.

As for Prosecutor Jin, he is never once abided by his primary duty to seek justice within the bounds of the law and not merely try to frame and convict an innocent man. So, it's clear he's crossed beyond his duty line to the criminal world, and whatever he and the Assemblyman are trying so very hard to protect by getting Professor Yang convicted is at the heart of the matter at hand and directly ties to Seo's murder. If he didn't call him, he's being paid to kill who did. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more people than just these two involved in Seo's death and more. The thing about power, though, is that it doesn't corrupt men; fools, however, when they get into the position of power, corrupt power. And there is no bigger fool than Prosecutor Jin for thinking another fool like Assemblyman Ko is worthy of his soul.

Every gesture, move, silent, or spoken is so purposefully done that none of it is wasted, and most of all, nothing Professor Yang does is ever without purpose. It's like he knows what everyone has done or is thinking from the students, the professors, prosecutors, and even Lee Man Ho. At first, I thought him visiting Lee was a huge mistake. I should've known there was a purpose to it. It wasn't to make a deal but to bait, and from the looks of Lee, it worked. I doubt Kang Dan calling right when he was visiting Lee was a coincidence, though. And now that we know a little more about what makes a creep, such as Lee Man Ho tick. I can't wait to see how prosecutors Seo and Jin, Assemblyman Ko, Kang Dan, and he connect because connect they do, without a doubt. That said, I'm starting to think my theory that Kang Byeoul Kang Sol A's sister may be Kang Dan and Lee's daughter was valid. I do, hope she's alive, though. I have a feeling she is and in Korea, and Professor Yang knows where she is exactly. Watch Episode 8 here.



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