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Law School -- Episodes 10 & 11: Success Without Victory

Success is a collection of small victories in the midst of disappointing setbacks ~ Bradford Winters.

The deceit lies, and coverups continue to be front and center with Law School. It almost feels like every time Professor Yang and his team try to dig themselves out of one legal battle; they fall into another. I guess whoever said there's no reward without work, no victory without effort, no battle won without risk hit it right on the money.

And despite knowing that I am left wondering if the good side will ever get to score a win, I'm tired of everybody's slyness from Kang Sol B, Seo Ji Ho to Yoo Seung Jae, Lee Man Ho to Jin Hyeong Woo, and even gossipy Jo Ye Bum. I wouldn't at all be surprised if he was Assemblyman Ko Hyeong Soo's inside spy. He surely has one seeing how he knew Kang Sol A was the one that found the stipulation of the special counsel clause that made it possible for Professor Yang to represent Jeon Ye Seul.

But of all the sly characters, Kang Sol B irks me the most. Someone, please put her out of her misery because miserable she undoubtedly is; she needs a good slap. The saying misery loves company comes to mind even though she doesn't need any company to get her going. She does so well on her own. I'm glad her father told her just because she's smart doesn't mean it qualifies her to be a lawyer. On the contrary, there's nothing more dangerous than an intelligent unethical law student using her privileged status to manipulate and get away with crimes others who are less fortunate would be crucified for makes her a criminal same with Seung Jae.

I had hoped Yoo Seung Jae would have the courage to come forward, clear his consensus, and save the professor, but he chooses to be a coward to the end, which in retrospect doesn't make much sense to me, especially since he reasoned that he couldn't testify for the sake of his unborn child. Either way, he's been found out, and whether he testified or not, his wife, family, and everyone else will find out what he's done. There is no escaping the stigma of cheating in school. His refusing is one thing but his wife begging Professor Yang not to have her husband testify because she was helping Ye Seul and doesn't want him to be subjected to more backlash seemed hypocritical and shameless. That she even thought she could compare Ye Seul's or Professor Yang's plights to his; a choice he made seemed selfish and crude.

What bothers me the most with each passing episode is that even when the good teams seem to be winning, it feels like they are losing. Despite scoring Professor Seo's hidden camera pen (at least that's what I think it was), his diabetes logbook and needles, and even the cut-off soles of the person who most surely murdered the professor, it doesn't appear to be enough evidence to prove Professor Yang's innocence. It feels like a never-ending cycle. There always seems to be so much happening, but the one character that always stands out is Professor Yang. I love watching him in court; he is utterly glorious. He never gives away anything yet knows and uses everything to his advantage.

I loved the juror selection scenes the most and the build-up to Professor Yang's opening statement, and how easily he turned each jury into his jury. The quizzical looks on the prosecution team when Professor Yang wouldn't question their selections or any of the jurors was a worthy watch. I wonder if Kang Sol A's mom being a juror in Ye Seul's trial will help or hurt her in the long run; I still cannot figure the mom out and how she, her husband (dead or alive), and Kang Dan relate to Assemblyman Ko Hyeong Soo and Lee Man Ho. Watch episodes 10 & 11 here.



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