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Law School -- Episodes 14 & 15: Coming Full Circle

Just as life comes full circle, so does justice, or so I would like to think.

As this drama winds up, there are quite a few things that work very well for me with Law School and some that have been pretty disappointing. I admit I didn't expect how things turned out for Lee Man-Ho, not that I'm sad. I am, however, disappointed that the school decided not to punish someone who plagiarized their way into law school even if it wasn't a factor in their acceptance; it speaks to Sol B's character, if nothing else. One would think that was more important. I guess plagiarizing a paper one didn't need for acceptance (in my opinion even worse than if it were required) is not at the same level as cheating by hacking into professor laptops -- it seems so hypocritical.

In my opinion, the school should've expelled Sol B and Seung Jae. Same as Sol A, I found Professor Kim playing the system disturbing despite understanding why she did it. But at the same time, joining hands with someone as evil and as corrupt as the Assemblyman, even if trying to do so in the name of good in the long run, doesn't really make her much different than the assemblyman or Professor Seo, I doubt neither of them started out planning to manipulate the system. They both just took too many wrong turns, and before they knew they were too far gone to turn back. I firmly believe everybody deserves a second chance, even Kang Sol B, but only if they truly understand and regret their mistakes; she doesn't seem to do either. I hope she soon realizes only a few lucky ones get a second chance at something, and she shouldn't waste the one given to her.

The other aspect of the show that disappointed me was the way it handled Kang Dan, it hyped her up throughout the run of the series, but instead, we only got a few seconds of her as a Harvard Scholar on TV, not sure what purpose that served other than using her to entrap the Assemblyman with a fake-out of Sol A impersonated Dan. I guess that may have been the purpose. Of all the disappointments, or maybe I should say nativity of the show was the fact that it wanted us to believe Prosecutor Jin never truly knew how corrupt Assemblyman Ko was and that he only realizes the extent of his evilness because Professor Yang tells him so; but wasn't he doing that all along how does a board with photos and connecting threads suddenly make him realize the error of his ways; felt a bit naive.

Despite all of it, I enjoy watching Kim Myung Min do his thing, but there is no denying that Lee Jung Eun as Professor Kim is as enjoyable too. I loved how they both came up with the same plan, albeit different approaches to get to Assemblyman Ko but more so that they were able to shut down his manipulation system and come out winners in the end. If there was one character other than Kim Myung Min that I truly like in this drama, it's Ryu Hye Young as Kang Sol A; what she lacks in book smarts, she more than makes up for it with her applicability. She's always ten steps ahead of her colleagues. I love her interactions with Joon-hwi and look forward to him confessing his feeling for her. But I think what I like the most is seeing how everybody grew closer to each other, be it Sol A, Joon Hwi, Ji Ho, Seung Jae, and even Kang Sol B, by allowing themselves to be vulnerable with each other. Watch episodes 14 & 15 here.



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