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Lost -- Episode 5: The Verity of Untapped Emotions

I can't even explain what Lost does to me. I feel it with all my senses. It's not simply a show I'm watching, but rather one I'm experiencing along with the actors. I am in awe at the director for vividly translating the most vulnerable moments on-screen so touchingly. Especially the moment when Boo Jung turns to see Kang Jae staring at her was so intense, it overwhelmed me.

But what was even more compelling was for the both to overhear the husband talk about her with a stranger, and for her to find out what Kang Jae does felt concurrently intrusive and intimate. I could feel Kang Jae's embarrassment for exposed in front of Boo Jung. The emotions on their faces made my heart skip. I don't think I've experienced a more touching scene before I replayed that moment like five times. And what makes Boo Jung and Kang Jae's connect so vulnerable is that neither of them understands or even recognizes what they are feeling in those moments.

I love everything about Boo Jung's father, from the way he talks to the way he mulls about things. He has this comforting way about him. I can appreciate why he reminds Kang Jae about his father. But more I love how Boo Jung is when she's around him, she's almost changed a person. I hope nothing serious comes to his forgetfulness. I doubt Boo Jung would be able to handle that can of blow on top of everything she is going through.

Lost does an excellent job of making us, as the audience, not only sympathize, but also feel and relate to the loneliness that engulfs all the characters, not just the ones we like. And I believe that is the strength of the drama. Showing us Kyung Eun nurse her terminally ill husband personalized her to me. It almost made me understand why she so desperately seeks Boo Jung's husband, and the same goes for Jung Ah Ran. Even if I do not empathize with her, I can see how she's let her situation lead her to desperation. I am dying for the backstory on her and Boo Jung. I am almost sure it has something to do with her and her husband's relationship, or lack of it.

I knew there was more to Boo Jung's indifference to her husband than merely the miscarriage. But to hear the mom trivialize it was disheartening, an emotional connection can be just as dangerous to a relationship as a physical affair. Watching Kang Jae finally grasp the depth of his late friend's desperate and empty life was unbelievable moving, but what was more shocking was finding out that he was already in communication with Boo Jung, but never got the opportunity to do what his boss wanted him to do, get dirt on Boo Jung. I'm not sure what Kang Jae is contemplating nor what Boo Jung wants by making contact with Kang Jae's friend, but whatever it may be, I get the sense she and Kang Jae are headed down a path of no return, and I am right here for it.



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