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Lost -- Episode 7 & 8: The Threads of Betrayal

My heart hurts, for everyone in this drama, for how lonely they are, each striving to find purpose, to survive. It's so true when they say loneliness is not lack of company, loneliness is lack of purpose. I wasn't sure how Boo Jung and Kang Jae would react to each in a confined space for the first time, just the two of them. I loved the awkwardness and comfort between them, and the ease in their communication, like they've known each other forever. As they say, strangers can become best friends, just as easy as best friends can become strangers.

I know Kyung Eun feels alone, but it bothers me how selfishly pushy she is in the comfort she seeks from Jung Soo, almost forcing him to stray. But not as much as Min Jung bothers me in how badly she wants Kang Jae. Sooner or later, she's going to find out about him and Boo Jung, and will use Just to hurt him for it. I cannot stand what's happening to Boo Jung's father. The way he told Jung Soo to pay more attention to Boo Jung was so gut wrenching, it made my heart break to pieces. I wasn't sure what to think of what Kang Jae asked Boo Jung in the hotel. It seemed like he was testing her somehow, but then they coincidentally meet on the roof, and it all feels so fateful. It's like they say a person often meets their destiny on the road they took to avoid.

This week's episodes are so devastatingly emotional, especially Boo Jung's scenes with her dad and Kang Jae. The more they open up, the more connected they become, the more fearful I am for them from both Jong Hoon and Min Jung. I love how compassionate Kang Jae is with Boo Jung even in the elevator with the baby, the way he looked at her to make sure she was okay. And later, the words of hope he texted in his friend's stead, it all touched me so deeply. It was such a thoughtful gesture, giving her a purpose to live even if for one more day. As much as I like how they lose themselves in each other's presence, as much as it fills me with dread for how their connection may be used against them. I am not sure what to make of Boo Jung's husband's feeling for her. It appears he has started to suspect she is seeing someone, but what does that mean for him; freedom or devastation, I don't know.

Without a doubt, Jong Hoon is the one who posted about Jung Ah Ran and her husband's secret son. He wants to keep her on the hook to keep making money off her. Min Jung, on the other hand, is willing to do anything to have Kang Jae notice her, and that the David and Bathnsab story she introduced almost foretells Just and Kang Jae's future. She will come between them, I can see it happening. She's like a train going full speed headed for a crash. The more I see of her, the less I like, and I especially how she dangles herself in front of Just to get what she wants.

Ever since Kang Jae came across Boo Jung's suicide note and a picture of her with Jung Woo and the woman who committed suicide with him and her son, I've wondered about the connection. Why would she be in that photo; at first I thought the boy was Jung Woo's son, and neither Just nor Kang Jae knew about it. Then I figured if the boy was the actress's husband's son, he could be the secret son. The post alluded to, which made me conclude that Jung Woo might have met the mistress through Boo Jung, who knew about the mistress and her son through her job as a ghost writer. But the reveal that the actress has an older son in Canada throws a ranch in my theory. Why is she keeping her son secret, though; I don't even know what to think.

Instead of trying to dig dirt as Jung Woo was hired to do, I reckon he empathized with the two women and decided to help them. I also believe Jung Woo and Boo Jung made a suicide pact together in exchange for whatever help he may have provided. But something happened with Boo Jung at the last minute, and the mistress took her place after her son's death. It makes me think there is something much more sinister with their deaths, like maybe they were pushed to it. I mean the actress is desperate enough to do anything to keep her clean image, so I wouldn't put it past her to have hired Jong Hoom to intimidate them, and things got out of control. It was crushing to watch how devastated Boo Jung was to hear of Min Su's passing on the anniversary of her own loss. The helplessness of everything makes it so overwhelming.



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