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Lost -- Episode 9: The Connections

Lost gives me goosebumps. To realize the miscarriage wasn't a simple one put everything into perspective. Boo Jung's anger, her lashing out, the feeling of emptiness, the magnitude of it all is mortifying, but what's more painful is she carries that burden alone. Whenever I see Jong Hoon, I get a knot in my stomach. What gives the actress the right to believe her fake and insincere life is worth more than Boo Jung's; it makes me angry, especially now that I know what her outburst cost Boo Jung. Yet, she dares to feel wronged. I wish Boo Jung realized that just because some people made her think she was worthless doesn't make it true.

I've always suspected Boo Jung's husband had an affair because of the miscarriage. People grieve differently; it doesn't justify the cheating, but it does put it in perspective. I reckoned it was why he accepts Boo Jung's aloofness. He doesn't feel he has the right, since he contributed to her sadness. But the way he said the baby was mine too, made me realize how much the loss affected him. Even his talk with his mom wanting to make sure she didn't tell Boo Jung's father about her losing her job made me realize he cares about his wife even if he doesn't love her. His finding out and not letting Boo Jung know he knows made me wish communicated it would probably help elevate a lot of the anxiousness in their lives. I doubt they can continue living their lives the way they are living it right now for much longer.

The more we get into Boo Jung and Jung-Woo's backstory, the deeper and mysterious the connection between them seems, and the more questions it raises. Not only did she know Jung-Woo, but she also knew the woman who committed suicide with him and her son. It all feels so much bigger than passing coincidences. Her narration at the beginning of the episode, and even Kang Jae's, makes me presume there is more to the story. Even Jong Hoon's flashback of Boo Jung at the club with the actress, and his hesitation in letting the actress know about Kang Jae and Boo Jung, makes me think he somehow connects to her too. It has me wondering whether Jung-Woo and Boo Jung were related.

I commend the writer for the storytelling. From Just's sister, worried her boyfriend will leave her for his ex-wife, to the actress frightened the fake image she built will crumble to the lonely mother-in-law and even the ex-girlfriend. The more we get to know them, the harder it is to not empathize with them, as unlikable as some are. But of all of them, Woo Nam annoyed me the most for making Soon Gyu feel so unwanted in her own home. I wish they talked used actual words for a change, rather than the deafening silence. Typically Boo Jung breaks my heart to pieces every episode, but it was all Kang Jae and his unbearable loss this time around. Watch episode 9 here.



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