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Lovers of the Red Sky -- Episodes 7 & 8: Watch What You Wish For

There seems to be so much underlined smoldering animosity between the Grand Prince and Prince Yang, especially from the Grand Prince. I loved how cleverly Ha Ram maneuvered Chun Ki and her father away from the evil clutches of the Grand Prince by forcing him to show mercy for her father's outburst, using his blind state -- clever even Prince Yang caught on. On that note, Prince Yang may come off as charming and reckless, or even clueless, but he does that on purpose. He is a lot smarter than he appears and knows exactly how to handle his older brother's animosity -- a kill him with honey approach.

Being fully aware that the person you like likes another, but ignoring it is the worst form of selfish love. It is so true when they say love a person the way they need to be loved, not the way you want to love. It's not about you, love is selfless, not selfish. I noticed, despite being amiable and charming, Prince Yang has a hidden cruelness in him that he will not hesitate to unleash even if it's towards Ha Ram. I was hoping this love triangle wouldn't turn ugly, but no such luck, it sure is headed there if not already. A huge thank you to Samshin for protecting and letting Ha Ram realize how much Chun Ki meant to him. She is definitely the strength he needs in this war he has waged against the evil forces in the royal court.

Next to Ha Ram and Chun Ki, my next best character in this drama is Ha Ram's escort warrior Moo Yong (Song Won Seok). He has my full attention. I love how he's always there in the background, ready to pounce on anyone and anything that may pose a danger to Ha Ram, but also that he instinctively knows what Ha Ram needs at any given moment. As they say, loyalty is more than a word, it's a way of life. It's about people who stay true to their friends even behind their back, and that is exactly the vibe I get from Moo Young. Not only is he true to Ha Ram, but he would also lay down his life for him.

I utterly and completely dislike and distrust Mi Soo. She's definitely fallen down the status ladder from a royal shaman to nothing more than a sorcerer. I pray one of these dark enactments she is planning eats her up. I have to give it to her and the Grand Prince, though their trickery in getting Ha Ram in and getting his blood to find out if he was directly connected to higher spirit, and in particular Ma Wang sure does pay off. That ending with him blackened out in smoke in front of Chun Ki, and Prince Yang was not one I wanted to see, as it gives the Prince the ammunition he needs to keep Chun Ki away from him now that he confessed his love, but I get the sense the revelation will bound Chun Ki and Ha Ram even more now. Maybe now we can get back to the grand fights between the forces of good and evil this show graced us with in its opening week. Watch episodes 7 & 8 here.



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