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LUCA - Episode 5: The Hunted Becomes the Hunter

Kim Rae Won, again and again, proves why he is the best at what he does. The way he solemnly portrays Zi 0 is undeniably electric (no pun intended). His quiet yet expressive behavior belies his outward demeanor of a man on the edge, who's lived his whole life trying to hide his supernatural abilities, a lonely soul, desperately trying to be human while searching for the root cause of his birth in LUCA.

Despite the many grandiose action scenes and CGI spectacles, it's the quiet scenes that leave more of an impact on me and, in particular, this one aerial shot from above where Zi 0 defeatedly walks towards Gu Reum with the OST playing in the background, my favorite thus far, brilliantly done. It screamed his desperation to be human, and Gu Reum doesn't just know it; she feels it.

In the bigger scheme of things, I know what Kim Cheol Soo and cult leader Hwang Jung Ah want; they care less about the advancements of science or evolution; it's money, pure and simple. I also understand what motivates Yoo Na and why she's on the wrong team's side aside from her developing feelings for Lee Son, of course. What I don't get is Lee Son's (he is excellent in this role) motivation. Why is he so dogged in his pursuit of Zi 0; is it really because he believes him to be a monster, or is there more to the story; I get a sense it's the latter. I am curious to know more.

Seeing how badly things turned out for Professor Oh Jong-Hwan, Gu Reum's National Forensic Science senior, it seems like he was genuinely a nice person. I was heartbroken for her. With the abduction of Gu Reum, it was unavoidable that Zi 0 would stop running and start fighting back. There's, but so much any one person can take, and when they're continuously prodded and provoked, it's but a matter of time before the hunted becomes the hunter; that's when the best part begins. Watch Episode 5 here.



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