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LUCA -- Episode 8: The Calm Before the Storm

Best episode to date. I love Zi O’s simple outlook on life, his smile, how much he cares for GR and her for him. How content he was seemed to live on a farm, taking care of lambs with GR by his side. I wish he could have some peace, but I understood GR’s need to get to the bottom of things. It’s not like either of them can live on the run forever. Their feelings for each other touched me in ways I can’t explain – it made me happy yet so sad same with Yoo Na and Leo San.

Despite having done all those bad things, I’ve always felt Yoo Na and Leo San were manipulated into them. He didn’t have the option of even saying no, not in the kind of society and the world they live in, not that I am trying to make excuses for them; I understand them. They are victims taken advantage of by monsters for their unique abilities and backgrounds. In that sense, I understood why Yoo Na made the decision she did; what do they say all is fair in love and war; I hope Leo Son appreciates the risk she took. As for Yoo Na, all she did was trade one poison for another. There’s no way the cult leader is any better or more trustworthy than Kim Cheol Soo.

LUCA is so complicated yet so unpretentious in its delivery. One episode with LUCA is like living a lifetime of episodes, but I didn't expect the lovely turn of events. I was so moved by GR’s pregnancy, their wedding, and Zi 0’s excitement. But at the same time, it filled me with dread because if those monsters found out about the baby, it will be in more danger than Zi 0 or GR ever were. GR is so right human beings make monsters. I hated that Zi 0 continued to trust Won Yi; I just felt he would betray him again but seeing what he's done for Zi 0, I think he’s turned the corner.

I cannot stand that cult lady; I cannot wait for Yeo Na to take her out. And as painful as it was to see those poor manipulated moms explode into pieces, I was glad the experiment didn’t work. But I knew that would spell trouble for Zi, GR, and baby; what I didn’t expect was for the bad guys to find them as fast as they did; I guess the news on GR’s parents was a trap, and she readily fell into it. I’ve always thought Zi 0 was too easy on the bad people, he never used his full abilities on them, but now that they’ve messed with his family, hell has broken loose they won’t know what hit them. Is happiness too much to ask for everyone involved; I hope not. Watch episode 8 here.

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1 Comment

Seni Seni
Seni Seni
Feb 28, 2021

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