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LUCA -- Episode 9: Internal War

I knew the beautiful and peaceful time in the countryside was but a temporary calm before the storm for Gu Reum and Zi 0. Because just as they were starting to dream of an ordinary life, Gu Reum and their recently born baby get kidnapped by Lee Son, leaving Zi 0 with no option but to return to the world of human monsters fight for his family. And what convoluted monsters they certainly are. I'm so not even sure where LUCA is headed at this point, but all I want is for Zi 0 to put an end to these monstrosities who call themselves humans.

I had hoped for some semblance of normalcy for Lee Son and Yoo Na, but I guess they were too far gone for that to happen. Both were so tightly tangled in such a web of lies, deceit, and manipulation that only death could end it. Be it Lee Son, Yoo Na, or even Captain Jin Hwan, they were expendable, nothing but collateral damage in an internal war from the moment they hooked them. That said, I understand what motivated Lee and Yoo Na, but I still don't get what motivates the Captain; what could they have on him that made him sell his soul to the devil, betraying his team and himself most of all.

I've been super annoyed with Lee Son for a while now but was superiorly annoyed this episode. At least Yoo Na had a conscience and was trying to affect change that could better his and her life, unlike Lee Son. I doubt there's any more coming back for him now that the one thing that motivated him is gone. I was intrigued by Gu Reum and her staunch belief in Zi 0 despite the Captain and Kim Cheol Soo's full-on pressure to give him up. I hope she doesn't fold. I think what I hate most about Human Tech, the cult lady, Kim Cheol Soo, and whomever else involved is how they've managed to turn Zi 0 from a gentle soul to this now cold and merciless supernatural being that is willing to do anything and everything to get back what was taken from him.

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