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Magazine Monthly Home -- Episodes 11 & 12: The Price to Happiness

A home is a container of life, a place for joy and connection -- it's not about how big a house is, it's how happy a home can become.

Magazine Monthly Home never does anything in moderation. Editor Yeo Ui-Joo goes from all-out "no way" to practically pushing Young Won and Ja Sung to bed; the close friend Ui-Joo is unquestionably my favorite. Ja Sung's reactions are golden all the time. He always tries his best it's really never good enough; the lunch with Ui-Joo, Editor Nam was just too much. Everybody from Editor Nam to the Chief Editor, I love them all. I adore the way Ja Sung and Young Won love each other and that she makes him a better person. He feels more like a home than a house now.

I swear this is the best episode to date. I laughed so hard tears were rolling down my face the entire episode. There were many great moments in this episode, but Editors Nam and Ui-Joo owned this episode. Their non-date date was the best; the way he told her to dream on in his drunken bubble had me rolling. Everything in this episode worked, even the Ha Seok Jin and Park Ha Sun cameo. As bad as I felt for Shin Gyeom, I was in a way glad he finally found out about Young Won and Ja Sung but more that he valued his friendship more. I know Jang Chan meant well; he was probably only trying to help Gyeon or was just honestly answering Ja Sung either or, I didn't think it was his place to tell Ja Sung about Gyeom's feelings towards Young Won; what purpose would it serve other than make Ja Sung feel guilt. It's not like Young Won will be with Gyeom if Ja Sung breaks up with her.

I loved the episode despite the ending. I wish the writer didn't go with the age-old trope of creating conflict to manage the next episodes. It feels unnecessary. I doubt whatever decision Ja Sung makes; he does lightly or that easily. He probably feels stuck between a rock and a hard place, and same as Gyeom, Ja Sung believes Gyeom deserves the much-needed happiness after such unhappiness. Ja Sung thinks the same as Gyeon. It's not that Ja Sung values his friendship more than his love; it's not because he doesn't love Young Won either. It's that irrational thinking, misplaced guilt, which is often irrational. They say the cost of not following one's heart is spending the rest of one's life wishing they had.

I hope Ja Sung realizes before it's too late, he too has the right to be happy without feeling guilty for it. I can understand Ja Sung feeling guilt, but there's no need to be cruel or treat Young Won like it was her fault that he fell for her or was hers that she didn't fall for Gyeom. That was just cowardly, and I care even less that he did it to make her hate him. As sad as Young Won's drunken tantrum as glad as I was that she did it. As Ui-Joo told her, feel the feeling but don't become it. Witness it, allow it, release it. I love Ui-Joo and Young Won's friendship.

Ja Sung deserves whatever unhappiness he brought on himself; if only it were just himself that he hurt as much as I like him as much as I disliked him this episode. Poor Editor Nam, nothing seems to go his way, not the girlfriend nor the apartment. Hopefully, his luck may change with Ui-Joo by his side soon enough. I hope Ui-Joo, too, realizes so enough sometimes the person you are looking for is staring you right in the face, and you don't even notice them. It's so true what the Chief Editor said that feelings of sadness, disappointment, heartbreak gradually go away as time passes; time heals all wounds even when one thinks it won't. Watch episodes 11 & 12 here.

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