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Melancholia -- Episodes 7 & 8: Righting the Wrongs of the Past

Neither Noh Jung Ah nor Ye Rin nor her parents can escape Seung Yoo's shadow, even now four years later. It's clearly all over Ye Rin's face, still chasing that shadow. It's true when they say the most dangerous lairs are those who believe they are telling the truth. And anyone, be it Ye Rin and her parents, Jang Kyu Young, and his or even the director, made up the lies and spread them not because they had to, but because they wanted to, it suited their needs. But what I cannot stand is that they lived their lives like they hadn't anything wrong, like the lives they ruined didn't matter. And worse, continuing at it.

They chose to forget that dangerous consequences follow those who ignore basic moral principles, but time never forgets it has a curious way of coming back to get those who deserve it. For Jung Ah, it will come in the form of Kim Ji Na (Kim Ji Young), her daughter, that's how Karma works, and for Ye Rin and her parents in the form of Sung Yoo-Chan (Yoo Jin Woo), their son and her brother. In a way, I feel sorry for the two minors for having to bear the sins of their parents, especially Kim Ji Na, but Karma eventually comes after everyone. One can’t get away with screwing people and not get punished in one way or another. What goes around comes around. I can't say I've had many female characters creep me out, Noh Yeon Woo (Oh Hye Won) definitely does. I'm not sure what she and Sung Jae have going on, but whatever it is, I doubt it's anything pleasant.

Four years later, nothing much has changed at Asung High School. Not the management, teachers, or parents, they are still very much after fame and glory in the dirtiest way possible, simply with new students. I was not surprised the Noh Jung Ah approached Seung Yoo to recruit him after his fame. She did the same to Yoon Soo before him. That's what a shameless person does. They forget the past and talk to someone they hurt deeply like they were on the best of terms. I was however surprised she believed he agreed to be the new math teacher out of respect for her or the school. I don't trust her, she probably has an ulterior motive for hiring him. I love how Seung Yoo and Yoon Soo had the same plans or right wrongs done to them despite not having spoken for four years. I like Choi Si An (Shin Soo Yun), she's the female version of Seung Yoo at his age. I like that she's not a pushover, and he seems to like her too.

I find it intriguing that everybody affected by Seung Yoo and Yoon Soo's relationship rumors four years ago is planning their grand revenge against those involved, be it Noh Jung Ah, Ye Rin's parents, and anyone else involved from the ministry of education. Yeon Woo, fueled by her hatred for Noh Jung Ah, Sung Jae for everything he lost, teamed with Yeon Woo and Seung Yoo and Yoon Soo themselves for everything they lost, each in their own way. Of all the plans, I fear Yeon Woo the most, she is not scared of playing dirty. And I am willing to bet she will do anything to take Noh Jung Ah down, even if it meant taking a few innocent students down with her. I always knew Ye Rin had feelings for Seung Yoo in high school, but she always put her academic achievement above him. Now that they are adults, it looks like she wants to start something with him, how shameless of her to want love from the person she ruined.

I am not sure if Kim Ji Na is damaged or if Yoon Soo is setting her up to get to her mother first with the stolen watch, and second with Si An's presentation whatever it may be, I hope she doesn't hurt the daughter to get to the mother. I am not sure the win will be worth it. The minute I saw Noh Jung Ah's daughter, I knew as a mother she had met her match in her daughter. She would be the end of her. Seeing Sung Jae still broken four years later made me feel sorry for him. He too was a victim. He may not have done enough to protect Yoon Soo at the time, but that doesn't negate that he had strong feeling for him despite his selfishness. But as I say, I believe he had plenty of chances to make the decisions he is making now back then and the opportunity to have the kind of relationship he wants now back then. It's true when they say regret itself is a form of punishment. I doubt he will ever get the chance he so badly wants, but it's amusing watching adult Seung Yoo jealous for a change. Watch episodes 7 & 8 here.



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