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Melancholia -- Episodes 9 & 10: Pitless Ambition

I loved teenage Seung Yoo, but adore the adult version of him even more. The way he came flying out of the restaurant to come between Yoon Soo and the ex-finance had my heart miss a beat a two. I understand the ex-finance's anger, he was a victim too after all, but he's let his anger blind him, and is coming unhinged. I am not sure why he thinks he can win Yoon Soo back when he didn't even try and protect her when he should have. They say you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone, and that's the truth in his case. He's always suspected Yoon Soo had feelings for Seung Yoo, even before she did, and hates that adult Seung Yoo now has an even bigger chance with her.

I expected Yoon Soo to actually meet with Noh Jung Ah regarding her daughter's admission into her clinic, but I was wrong. I should've known she would do the unexpected rather than the other way around. I like that she's making her sweat for it. The fact that she recorded her conversation with her Director makes me realize that her plan is not just to uncover the corruption of the past, but also the continued corruption, because bad habits die hard, and Noh Jung Ah is as predicable as ever, but a lot less careful than she used to be. Her daughter, her continued ambition, and relationship with Ye Rin's father will be her downfall. I continue to be bothered by Ye Rin, and her shameless need to be loved and acknowledged by Seung Yoo after what she did to him.

I didn't think there would be anyone more twisted than Noh Jung Ah, but I was wrong her daughter is much scarier. They say people reap what they sow, and Noh Jung Ah's daughter is the consequences of her actions. I knew Yoon Soo saw Kim Ji Na steal the watch, and was holding on to the information for when she needed it, just as how I knew Seung Yoo would catch her on CCTV, stealing Choi Si An's presentation. With a mother like Noh Jung Ah, and an aunt like Noh Yeon Woo, it's no surprise Kim Ji Na is as twisted as she'd become. I had hoped Seung Yoo and Yoon Soo would both work, since they are both working towards the same thing. But I understand why Yoon Soo doesn't want Seung Yoo involved anymore than he was in the past. They are both trying to protect each other and Choi Si An.

I knew Noh Jung Ah shameless recruited Seung Yoo to the school to use his fame for her own never-ending ambition. The more she's gotten, the more accomplishments she craves, whether that means becoming more recognized and powerful or making more money, and is willing to take even more risks and spend more effort to get them than before. Even her daughter is a means to an end. Come to think of it, she's not the only one. Everyone from Ye Rin's parents to Ye Rin herself to Noh Yeon Woo, and even Kim Ji Na, are all driven by that same pitless ambition.

I like that Seung Yoo was able to stir interest in the school's admission process enough to get an audit started. But with the relationships Noh Jung Ah has built, it looks like she's dodged the ball, especially since she blamed it all on Han Myung-Jin (Ahn Sang-Woo) as the one responsible for admissions. I am sure he never saw that coming, after everything he's done for her, but I have a feeling he will be a great weapon against her in the near future. I am not sure what Ryu Sung Jae and Sly Fox Noh Yeon Woo are planning, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a takeover of the Asung Foundation and school, at least that's what Noh Yeon Woo wants, and Sung Jae if she can help it. Sung Jae probably just wants revenge, but whether it's for himself or for Yoon Soo, that remains to be seen.

I wasn't surprised to see that Noh Yeon Woo has Yoon Soo followed. Nor was I surprised Ye Rin asked to meet Yoon Soo when she found out she's back, she's the competition, after all. Back then it wasn't just about winning for her, it was also about Seung Yoo, and still is. Now, I'm worried the past may repeat itself, and Yoon Soo and Seung Yoo will get caught before they put the rest of the plans in action. Yoon Soo especially is quickly losing the element of surprise now that almost everybody knows she's back. I was so looking forward to the big confrontation between her and the principal, but I guess they have to sort out their feelings first for the plan to be successful, especially if they are going to do it together. I don't want neither them to hurt anymore. Watch episodes 9 & 10 here.



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