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MINE -- Episodes 7 & 8: Attention Seekers

I commend this drama, the actors, and the director most of all. The build-up to episodes 7 and 8 reveals that nothing is ever what it seems. And that most often than not, every action is a reaction to a previous action, that is to say, as bad as the tutor is, the true creep has always been the husband and his family.

I hope it's not asking too much to have Hi Soo, the tutor, and Seo Hyun work together to bring this over-the-top family but mainly the creepster. But why do I feel it's Jin Yong that probably dies and not Hye Jin or Hi Soo. I'm not sure who is lying, telling the truth, or even if Hye Jin, Hi-Soo, and Seo Hyun are in a revenge plot together or just using one another. Still, I am interested and intrigued by the plot development. In a way, I understand Hi Soo's attachment to Ha Joon, and she may be a better mother, but there is no denying Hye Jin as the parent. It is easy to judge when one is not in any given situation, but still, I didn't appreciate and still do not appreciate Hye Jin's approach. If all she truly wanted was her son, why the creepy games; why not approach Hi Soo directly; I trust her as far as I can throw her as they say.

But even as I say this, I believe Hi-Soo has earned the right to be Ha Joon's mother, having raised him since he was 18 months old, and the bond she has with Ha Joon gives her an edge. But I also think that as much as Hi Soo loves her son, one of the main underlining issues or maybe reasons she hangs on so tight is that she may be applying her love for Ha Joon as a substitute for her emotionally unstable marriage. And what a great actress Lee Bo Young, the moment she miscarriages after finding out the truth about her husband was incredibly done.

Of all the family members, Han Jin-Hee (Kim Hye Hwa) is the most pitiful. It's not that she's just a spoilt brat. There is that, but what's more, it's how starved of love she seems to be, and it's the reason she acts out the way she does. She has never really received the love or attention she deserved as a child. None of the children in this family have except for Ha Joon, and that is because Hi Soo makes a conscious effort to show him he is loved despite not being his birth mother. As for Jin-Hee, all she truly wants is attention, even if it's the negative kind. She continues to do it because any attention is better than no attention at all. I feel sorry for her more than anything. It's the same with Jin Ho, who turns to alcohol to numb those feelings, and Jin Yong, as we all know, turned to anger and malicious behavior. They are all the consequence of their parents.

No doubt, Jin Yong is a creep, and more than that, he is dangerous. All the lies he has told and continues to tell, be it Hi Soo or Hye Jin, are intolerable. To have been in a long-term affair with the very woman he threw out after having his son is beyond despicable. But I doubt he made Hye Jin do anything she didn't want to do already. She doesn't strike me as a person who does what others tell her to do. So, she's playing a game, as are they all. I am all for whatever game Hi Soo and Seo Hyun are playing. I hope they continue to play it together and not off each other because I am having a tough time trusting any of them, including sister Emma, her most of all; she bothers me to no end. Oh, and I hope Chairman Han's last will names Seo Hyun as the President of the Group.



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