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Monthly Magazine -- Episodes 13, 14, 15 & 16 (Final): A Home is Where the Heart Is -- Life Lessons

Everybody has to bear the consequences of their choices; this episode felt like everything went backward almost to where we started, except now Shin Gyeom got his opportunity to confess.

I don't blame him for going after what he wants. Even if I don't get why he thought Young Won might be open to it; however, I like what he told her to take her time and when the storm in her stops, she could come to him. I enjoyed watching Editor Nam realizing his feelings for Ui-Joo and her trying to set him up on blind dates. His not being able to stop talking about Ui-Joo was so much fun to watch, not so much for the date, though.

Editor Nam and Ui-Joo continue to steal the show; I love them; I wonder what Nam will do once he finds out about the rich guy. Chief Editor's blunder thinking Ja Sung was bribing him had me on the floor; I knew the Chief was going to regret it as soon as he said it. It almost feels like Ja Sung breaking up with Young Won may have been good for him in a way as it makes him realize he doesn't need money to lead a rich life that good friends and loving and being loved is worth its weight in gold. All anyone actually wants in life is to be comfortable with their life and their space; I was glad to see Young Won come to that realization too.

I cheered Young Won for not taking Ja Sung back just because he suddenly realized she was important. He should've already known she was important and that she couldn't be easily replaced, taken, or given. Anything worth having in life is worth fighting for and doesn't come easy either. I loved how Young Won used Ja Sung's own tactics on him; he deserved it. Poor Editor Nam, nothing is ever easy for him. The minute I saw his friend Kim Dong Shik (Tae In Ho, a fantastic cameo) and how he and Ui-Joo looked at each other, and a lawyer at that, I figured Nam was in trouble, but thankfully the dating gods were on his side. All the cameos for this drama were amazing; I loved Lee Yi Kyung.

I understood why Ui-Joo didn't tell Nam the truth about this person she calls "rich guy," not that she needed to, but I would've rather she didn't say anything rather than lie and tell him he was her relative. As they say, the truth may hurt, but lies kill. I like that Ui-Joo told Nam the truth; it confirmed that she values him more than she thinks and cares what he thinks. I was really worried Young Won would be upset once she finds out Ja Sung was Dragon, but I was glad that rather than get upset, she was grateful that he was always by her side even when they were apart, thanks to Gyeom.

I thoroughly enjoyed it despite not necessarily agreeing with the writer's direction at the end there, but I loved it nonetheless. Still, in the end, I think the drama's message is that life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future and that we as human beings don't need someone else to complete us. We only need others to accept us entirely. A home is where the heart is, the one place in all this world where hearts are sure of each other. It is the place of confidence, as in the case of Jung Won and Ja Sung, where they realized that time is not only the best healer but also the greatest teacher. I loved that Jung Won could achieve her dream of owning her own home with the time apart, and Ja Sung gave her the time she needed to realize that and come back to him on her own accord.

Sometimes one has to experience the bad, so they can learn to appreciate the good things that enter into their lives as in the case of Ui-Joo, it might have taken her a long time, but she learned the bad experience with her father is just one of life's lessons; it doesn't mean everyone will be the same or that it will repeat itself. There's good and bad in everything and everyone; one just has to trust their choices. I loved Ui-Joo and Nam's wedding pictures and that she found it in her heart to forgive her friend. Thank you to Kim Ji Suk, Jung So Min, Jung Gun Joo, Kim Won Hae, Chae Jung An, and Ahn Chang Hwan, who stole the show in more ways than one, and the rest of the cast and team for such a feel-good drama. I will miss this drama. I loved all the OSTs for this drama, but especially the Story of Us OST. But I must say the Stay With Me OST is the most appropriate for the ending weeks of this drama. Watch episodes 13, 14, 15 & 16 here.



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