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Monthly Magazine House -- Episodes 5 & 6: The Positivity of a Compliment

I felt like episode 5'ss title describes this drama and the characters perfectly. I had genuinely hoped Ja Sung would take the opportunity of his award ceremony to acknowledge how hard his team works.

Be that as it may, it would've been nice if he had done it to squash the competition even if he didn't believe in it. The Monthly Magazine team locked in a fight with the competitive team was the highlight of the episode. I laughed so hard, and to top it off, the team run into Ja Sung at the restaurant after turning him down and badmouth him, only for him to hear it all was just insane. But the craziest was their reaction to his reaction, the second-best moment. Still, I guess to him, they are only doing what they paid to do, and the only natural that they should give it their all and not expected to be a compliment for it. That said, though, I'm glad Ja Sung overheard his employees; he needed to know how they feel about what he shows of himself. Maybe this will help him not to try so hard to be something he isn't.

Come to think of it, this week's episodes had many fun moments beginning with the Lee Jung Eun cameo; I loved the electrifying fun she added in the short time she came on. It almost felt like I was watching a different drama from last week. Getting to see Chief Editor Choi Go's wife in action definitely puts a different perspective on why he behaves the way he does not that it excuses it, though. The only plotline that does work for me is the continued push for a love triangle that I feel is quickly coming to a head. Other than that, I truly enjoy the comedic moments but more so for using comedy so effectively to get to the crux of the matter; one must experience a person to know them; likewise, one must live in their home to know its worth. It's like they say you can never judge a book by its cover. Ja Sung sure got some moves on him -- who is calling whom simple-minded, just one compliment, and he was practically swooning. Too good to pass this drama.

Sometimes just a little compliment can make someone's entire day or week in this case. But that was all it took for Ja Sung to do a 180 with Young Won was fun. I loved seeing him swoon for her, but I also knew it was a matter of time before he started getting jealous of her complimenting the others around them. I didn't expect Ja Sung to have Young Won stay at his place while hers was under repair. For a man who values his boundaries and space, he sure does appear to have fallen for Young Won. Another brilliantly funny and fun-filled episode. I laughed the entire time. Editor Nam is quickly becoming my favorite; what a seriously talented actor Ahn Chang Hwan is; I loved him this episode. Am I the only one secretly shipping him with Editor Eui Joo; the actress is so beautiful. I am genuinely enjoying this one a lot more than I thought I would. Watch Episodes 5 & 6 here.

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