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Mouse -- Episode 1: Story Setup

Oh, what an opening scene, that mouse in its self-defense was fierce; the simile between the mouse and killer's sneakiness is definitely not lost on me. Well done, show. But yay, another serial killer drama, I love those, and to have Lee Seung-gi back as a kind, honest rookie police officer in Jung Ba Reum after Vagabond (still waiting on season 2) is a wonderful treat. And as unassuming as Jung Ba Reum's character sounds, it's what happens to him when he one day comes face to face with a dangerous psychopath killer, and how that impacts him and the path his life and career takes is what makes him interesting to watch.

On the other hand, we have Lee Hee Joon as Ko Moo Chi; this is my first encounter with Hee Joon as an actor, so I look forward to seeing how he navigates the persona of a hardened detective whose life is motivated by the tragedy he suffered as a young child and a life goal as an adult of chasing down the murderer who destroyed his family, by all means, necessary. I completely understand his obsession; guilt is a terrible burden. Another treat is Kyung Soo-Jin; it's great having her in another reporter role after the outstanding splash she had with her short but powerful role in Hush. Unlike her Hush role, though Choi, Hong Joo (Kyun Soo-Jin) is known as Sherlock Hong Joo. She's tenacious and a dedicated journalist who gives her all to her work. I am intrigued. Park Joo Hyun is another new face for me, but the synopsis on her role as Oh Bong Yi, a troubled high school student scared by a decade-old incident who lives with her grandmother and would rather go to the gym than study, piqued my interest. Everybody has a story, and from its first episode, Mouse gives the vibe of a drama, willing to take the dark path to not only capture a horrific serial killer but raise and explore the complex issues around psychopathic behaviors through the use of fetal genetic testing to predict or detect antisocial behavior and psychopathic traits in the womb and the suitability of bringing such a child into the world. Ahn Jae Wook as the demented Han Seo Jun was splendid, and he does for sure give credence to the issues the drama raises. Talk about controversy; I will reserve my opinion on the issue and the government's stance until I get a better sense of the drama, but I cannot wait to see how the show explores this and the many other aspects. I am thrilled and look forward to what promises to be an intense ride.

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