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Mouse -- Episode 11 & 12: Vigilante Justice

The best episodes to date. Honestly, I wasn't sure I liked the direction this drama was taking with making Jung Ba Reum a psychopathic killer; surgery was notwithstanding, but boy, do I like the new turn of events.

I would rather Ba Reum is a dexter-like vigilante cop hunting down murderers who slip through the cracks of the justice system. I didn't expect to see Daniel ever again. Kudos to the writer for always keeping us guessing. I do like that Ba Reum despite everything continued to want to fight the evil in his head.

Suffice to say, I am quite intrigued by the change in him and just unsure what to make of it. He's gone from someone who wanted to eradicate unborn fetuses with psychopathic tendencies to manipulating Ba Reum into channeling his thirst for killing into vigilantism. I wonder what his motivation may be. Whatever it is, I would rather Ba Reum murder heinous criminals than see him chase after little children (that hide and seek scene got to me big time), crazy as it sounds.

It's so true when they say everybody has a story, that everyone has gone through something that has changed them. And I see that story in Oh Bong Yi, and I guess that is why I like her so much. Next to Ko Moo Chi, she is my second favorite character. I admire her stillness and bravery, unwavering commitment, and refusal to become a victim or even a statistic to a predator. The flashback into her nightmare of experience as a child describes why she is the person she is today. Seeing what she went through as a child, I am more than okay with Jung Ba Reum going all dexter on Kang Duk Soo (Jung Eun Pyo - great acting) for what he did to her. Death is not enough to a predator like him.

I love that both Moo Chi and Ba Reum were more than willing to go to the dark side for Oh Bong Yi. I find it quite interesting how Moo Chi has always been the one trying to kill the bad guys and get sent to prison, yet it's Ba Reum, the gentle soul, who ends up doing it. Nothing in life ever goes as planned, and sometimes justice is better served by those who have experienced the pain. And as Donna Leon said, "I find the idea of vigilante justice very attractive. I like the idea that the murderer decides that this person has gone too far, and nothing will happen to him unless she does something to stop him." I am inclined to agree. I won't lie I enjoyed seeing Ba Reum do what he did to Kang Duk Soo, if there's anyone that deserved to be murdered it's him. I cannot wait for next week's events. Watch Episode 11 & 12 here.



Hahahahahaha... I check what Dexter talking about and yes... I fully agree with you... This episode increase my admiration for OBY.

Drama Banter
Drama Banter
Apr 09, 2021
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Dexter was very popular, I didn't watch it but this episode makes me want to start it lol. I read that in October 2020, it was announced that Dexter would return with a 10-episode limited series, starring Michael C. Hall in his original role, he was brilliant in this show from the little that I saw. It is slated to premiere in late 2021. I think I just may start Dexter before the 10-episode series premiers.

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