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Mouse -- Episode 13: Trapped Mouse

Suseong serial killer, another one; okay, it’s getting hard to figure out who is who and what is what; I’m starting to lose track of all serial killers, dead and alive. Of all things, though, I did not expect the DNA to belong to anyone other than Sung Yo Han. I will give it to Ba Reum; he’s indeed a brilliant psychopathological mind to use an inmate’s DNA and a serial killer, nonetheless. I almost wish Ba Reum would only use his skills to do away with evil and not just all those who scare or irritate him. And again, I want him to lay off little kids and animals.

Of all the characters in this drama, I find Choi Hong Joo the most uncomfortable or least likable, and maybe it’s because I cannot figure her out. Nor do I get her motivation; I had expected her to work with Moo Chi to help catch these demented killers, but she seems more interested in her TV stories than helping the Moo Chi or even Ba Reum with their cases. I also don’t get why she still keeps her identity a secret. On the other hand, I like Bong Yi a lot; I love her dedication and pure approach to everything, even her new position working with Hong Joo. It suits her. And in a way, I am glad she’s the one that found the bike cam recording. Everything in this drama seems to connect to everything that happened after Daniel Lee proposed using fetal genetic testing to predict or detect antisocial behavior and psychopathic traits in the womb and do away with those who test positive.

I still want so badly to believe that Yo Han was innocent and that maybe he too was only going after the demented in society, same as what Daniel is having Ba Reum do. Maybe that’s what Daniel had Yo Han do as well. After Yo Han’s death, everything seemed to point to him as a serial killer. But I had my doubts, and with this new killer, using the same EMO as Yo Han, I’m starting to think I may have been right all along. The new killings prove it. I think the Suseong serial killer and the killings attributed to Yo Han are the same. I feel like the method Ba Reum uses to target predators seems completely flawed, and sooner or later, he’s going to end up killing an innocent person. I knew if anyone were to figure Ba Reum out, it would be Moo Chi. He’s too smart to be fooled for too long. And he sure did. Boy, are things going to get even more complicated, if that is is even possible. Watch Episode 13 here.



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