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Mouse -- Episode 14 & 15: The Predator

Everything on me spins when I'm watching this drama, and this week's reveals are beyond disturbing; the show has me going with a million and one thoughts, excuses and theories. Still, none of them seem to come close to being true one thing is for sure though I do not for one second believe Ba Reum is the serial killer and not Sung Yo Han, and it's not because I don't want him to be the killer it's just things aren't adding up to him being the killer all along. The conflicting thing is that I also don't want Sung Yo Han to be the killer either. I was so sure Moo Chi caught Ba Reum in the act of killing Lee Jae Shik, and I really wanted it to be true not because I want Ba Reum caught but because I think he needs help outside of Daniel Lee, who gives me very bad vibes.

I almost get a sense that Daniel is toying with Ba Reum as part of an experiment he and the government in the form of Blue House Secretary Choi Young Shin (Jung Ae Ri) I've suspected them for a while now, and this week's episodes gave more credence to my suspicions. And what is more, I don't think Ba Reum is the first test subject either. To what end, though, is what I am so dying to find out. I think the one bright side in this story for me is Bong Yi. I love how Kang Deok Soo's death not only change things for Bong Yi, but it made her realize that life is more than worth living, especially now that she's found a place working with Hong Joo team's trying to bring justice to others just like how she got hers.

Ba Reum potentially being Jae Hoon (Kim Kang Hoon) who's grown up to be this super psychotic killer seems to answer a lot of the questions the drama has paused, but at the same time, it doesn't explain the how or the why; it almost feels like these memories Ba Reum is having were transposed on to it him first as Sung Yo Han's and now as Jae Hoon. Something seems completely off; even his aunt seems off. She may be acting suspicious because she believes he's a psychopath, but still, it doesn't explain how or am I just refusing to believe it because I don't want him to be the psychopathic killer he is now concencieved he has become; it could be. I don't even want to think of the implications to Moo Chi and Bong Yi to find out that Ba Reum, the one person they both implicitly love, and trust is the one that savagely and heartlessly butchered Moo Chi's brother Father and Bong Yi's grandmother respectively is unimaginable. It's not that I don't want to think it I cannot think it.

I was sure Na Chi Kook (Lee Seo Joon) would wake up from his coma and attest to Ba Reum's innocence, but that has been the furthest thing from the truth. His behavior and demeanor around Ba Reum prove otherwise. To the extent that I was sure Moo Chi would find Ba Reum out. And if anyone can help prove Ba Reum isn't the killer, it will be Moo Chi the same way he would likely be the one to catch him first. There are just too many unexplained moving pieces; the one and foremost on my mind is Han Seo Jun's involvement in Ba Reum's surgery.

I am almost sure he got involved not just because the government wanted to save Ba Reum; there is more to that story. Next is Detective Lee Min-Soo; his behavior has been suspicious from the word go; who does he work for; I suspect Daniel Lee but not sure now. There's also the man with the finger tattoo, the one that knocked Moo Chi out when he was trying to save Bong Yi from Kang Deok Soo; also what happened to Assembly Chairman Shin Sung Min's child, he did vote for psychopath trait bill that Daniel Lee and Secretary Choi Young Shin badly wanted to enforce in fear of it affecting his own child. Where is that child now, and could he/she be potentially involved. And there is Choi Hong Joo and her shady past. She may not be the killer, but something about here doesn't sit well with me still.



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