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Mouse -- Episode 16: Fooling the Predator

Mouse, is most definitely one of the most complicated and twisted plotted dramas I have watched. This is not to say it isn't a good one, just quite complicated. 16 episodes in, and it almost feels like I am watching a completely new drama. I'm still not convinced Ba Reum is the predator they are making him out to be. It's not because of Lee Seung Gi, the actor, but how the story has unfolded; it almost feels like Daniel Lee and the government are using him for their own convoluted purposes; why I am not sure.

If Daniel Lee orchestrates this whole thing, it would most definitely have to do with his sister's death; at least that's what I'm thinking for now, but I will have to revisit this issue later. It almost feels like having parts of Sung Yo Han's brain infused in Ba Reum changed him and not for the worse but, the better. He wasn't assimilating to Yo Han, the killer, but the good, and that's there's still remnants of him in Ba Reum, as was clear from his dogged pursuit of Chi Kook's killer. At least whoever is behind Chi Kook's death spared Ba Reum from having to kill him.

Ba Reum might have suspected someone was cleaning up after him, but now he's sure whoever killed Chi Kook did it to protect his identity and who other than Daniel Lee and the government has the capacity to do that. I am actually quite surprised Ba Reum hasn't suspect Lee and, or the government as yet. I mean, the government and Lee knew who Ba Reum was; why would they have a convicted serial killer save his life; are they the very same people who wanted a psychotic fetus aborted; something seems completely off. I think it quite interesting how the power of suggestion completely changed Ba Reum's behavior. Once he accepted the reality of the idea, the function of its suggestibility and vividness and salience of the suggestion overtook him. The number of people he's killed is unimaginable. I have a hard time reconciling that he was behind Bong Yi's attack and her grandmother's murder. I can accept him being a killer predator in the weirdest of ways, but I can't accept him harming these two people.

The way Ba Reum went after the man who killed Chi Kook makes me think he isn't sure about who he really is a cop or a predator. I always suspected something weirdly strange about his aunt and at times doubted she was even his aunt since Ba Reum had a hard time reconciling some of the inconsistencies between what the aunt would say versus the little boy. And now to find out that she was a total fake fall right into place with everything that's been happening around Ba Reum. Who would have the resources, the money, and the time to plant someone around him other than the government staffed by Daniel Lee. Everything comes back to Daniel Lee. I suspected Ba Reum would end up being Jung Jae Hoon what I didn't expect is that Sung Yo Han was really Han Seo Jun and Sung Ji Eun's real son. And what's even crazier is Song Soo Ho being a killer. The worse thing for Ba Reum right now is to have Moo Chi be suspicious of him, and right now, he may not fully suspect him, but he does think something is off with him. Watch Episode 16 here.



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