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Mouse -- Episode 17: Trapping The Trapper

Is it crazy that I still like Ba Reum and rooting for him; if there was ever proof of whether monsters are born or made, he is proof that society and government share the blame in turning him into what he became. Human fear and hatred create monsters of what society deems different from themselves – the power of suggestion. As someone once said, monsters exist because we create them through violence and distortion of other humans. And that so true about Ba Reum, all those around him created the monster in him, then feared him for showing them the truth about themselves.

For the longest time, I had my suspicions that Sung Yo Han wasn’t Han Seo Jun and Sung Ji Eun’s son that Jung Jae Hoon, who we now know to be Ba Reum, was, but now it’s clear he was their son all along, but rather than develop the psychopath gene, he ended up with the genius gene. His parents probably didn’t even realize he wasn’t a killer, but the OZ organization did. I knew there was more to Ba Reum’s story than met the eye, especially in Daniel Lee. It seemed weird that rather than have him arrested or committed, he encouraged him to kill. I was so right in my suspicion that Sung Yo Han was working with Daniel Lee. The fact that Danie didn’t die confirmed it for me. But if Daniel is now on the run, it means he had a disagreement with the government on how to run whatever experiment or program they’ve been running.

In the last episode, I was surprised Ba Reum didn’t suspect Daniel Lee or the government for all the strangeness around him, including bugging his phone, but I knew he’d figure it and Daniel Lee out. He may not be working with the government now, but he sure did at some point. I am not surprised to learn of a government-backed organization surveilling and protecting Ba Reum, Sung Yo Han, and anyone else like them rather than stopping them. It’s like a coverup of some sort to what end, though. How could they sit back and watch Ba Reum and whomever else prey on some many innocent people and not only that kill those who tried to stop them; crazy.

At this point, I’m not even sure how Ba Reum, if at all, will be able to escape the fate that awaits him. I’m not absolving Ba Reum, but he wasn’t born a monster; they made him into one. And now that everyone is close to figuring him out, I’m not sure how or if he will at all be able to escape the fate that awaits him. I love how this drama took such an unexpectedly twisted turn to get to where it is now. It's kept me on my toes, that's for sure. This drama has come full circle for sure. Watch Episode 17 here.



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