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Mouse -- Episode 18: Wasted Lives

I must say I love how this drama turned its plot on its head. And it's all due to the incredible cast and production team but particularly Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon. Individually they are excellent, but together they've been captivating. Hindsight, as they say, is twenty-twenty. It's all making sense now, why and how Sung Yo Han knew about Jung Ba Reum, but why didn't he try and stop him; I guess the powers at wouldn't let him even if he had tried. I knew the government instigated Ba Reum to kill.

It's a known fact, not all psychopaths turn criminals – some with the traits are known to be geniuses, and without a doubt, Ba Reum is one and could've been better. I mean, even after the surgery, which made him forget who he'd become, they incited the psychopath in him, and despite what Daniel Lee says, he could've stopped Ba Reum if he'd chosen to tell him the truth. Ba Reum would've believed him just like how he believed him when he told him to stop the urges by killing those who deserve it rather than the ones he loves. The way I see it, he and everyone along with him were complicit in making Ba Reum the predator he became.

I guess it makes sense that Daniel Lee and Choi Hong Joo knew and tried to help each other; him as a man in hiding and her as a journalist seeking the truth for her boyfriend and father of her son. But as much as I am heartbroken for Yo Han for being wrongly accused and killed as much as I still cannot stomach Choi Hong Joo. At times I'm not even sure what added value she brings to the drama. I'm not sure if my distrust is because of the actor or the role itself. Either way, I never appreciated the type of journalist/reporter she became. It was all very self-serving. Anyways, that said, I always knew Moo Chi would be the one to find Ba Reum out, but as typical of him, he rushes to things before securing his evidence. Still, in a way, I was glad for how it all unfolded as it was high Ba Reum got to the bottom of this OZ organization.

I now know without a doubt if Ba Reum were nurtured from a young age rather than pushed and prodded to kill, he would've become an upstanding member of society, same as Sung Yo Han. Because just as Daniel Lee saw emotions in Yo Han and knew he wasn't the killer, so did Ba Reum have feelings for Bong Yi, even if it was after the surgery. And maybe that was the point; the government forced the Yo Han versus Ba Reum situation for the surgery to see if they could manipulate the psychopathic gene. If that's the case, they indeed are the predators. I hope Ba Reum is left to deal with each one of them the very same way he did with Song Soo Ho, Kang Duk Soo, Woo Young Chul, Lee Jae Sik, and Kim Byung Tae. They all deserved their deaths. The way Ba Reum manipulated Moo Chi with partial truths was brilliant, though. But in the end, prompted to kill or not, the fact remains that Ba Reum is a predator. And to have killed Bong Yi's grandmother and Moo Chi's brother, I doubt it's an act either could forgive and nor should they.

Whatever this OZ organization is or made others believe it was, it's nothing more than an organized crime organization. They used human beings and disposed of them like trash, causing more damage than all the predator killers combined. They made murderers out of innocent people who believed they were serving their government to make the country a safer society. Everything that's happened falls squarely on their laps for cruelly murdering, using people as lab mice while alluding themselves into believing they were doing good by using Ba Reum to get rid of predators just like him. Beyond appalling. Watch Episode 18 here.



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