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Mouse -- Episode 3: Coming Face to Face with Evil

Everybody from Moo Chi to Hong Joo, Moo Won, and even Ba Reum all seem to be so tightly connected that it's quite uncanny. But how they fit into each other's lives now, that's the mystery.

So much happens in this episode; it's hard to discern what's real and misdirection. And just as I started to wonder whether Dr. Sung Yo Han was truly a psychotic killer, he proved it by easily and swiftly killing Daniel Lee for recognizing him as the head hunter's son seems a bit off. There has to be more to it. Daniel wasn't necessarily wrong in his prediction; I think he got the sons mixed up.

I must say Sung's reveal was quite unexpected that for a good 10 minutes, I thought it was some flashback of the head hunter days. That Dr. Sung is seriously mentally disturbed is evidently clear. But as a habitual predator, he sure makes some amateurish mistakes, which makes me question whether he's truly the "serial killer" everyone is looking for or rather an opportunistic killer who saw a problem and got rid of it. I feel there is more to the story than what we see.

The way events unfolded with Oh Bong Yi (Park Joo Hyun) and her grandmother (Kim Young Ok) made me suspect something awful would happen. I completely feel for Oh Bong Yi; despite not knowing her full backstory, I can surmise from the glimpses we've seen that she's lives with a terrible past that has resurfaced, bringing about a post-traumatic disorder that's causing her to lash out at everything and everyone including the one person that strives to keep her the safest. I can only imagine how this loss will impact her. The irony of life is that one never truly knows the value of someone to them until they're gone. I hate that she has to experience another traumatic event in such a young life; I love her spunkiness and do not want to see that luster fade. I enjoy her banter with Ba Reum; they make sure a lovely couple.

I like Ba Reum's sweet disposition, but he almost feels too good to be true, like there is more to him than we've seen. On the other hand, despite Ko Moo Chi's hardcore demeanor and his going over the top in his relegation of duties at times, he feels more real and more relatable. There is nothing worse than the fear of forgetfulness coupled with guilt to weigh a person down and make them hard. I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here.

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