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Mouse -- Episode 4: Monsters

What a treat this drama is ending up to be; I am enjoying the very many twists and turns, and we're only on the fourth episode. I can only imagine what's to come. I knew Jung Ba Reum was too good to be true. Whatever he may really be, a true psychopath (please say it isn't so) or an undercover cop, he just became the most intriguing character in this drama. I think there is so much more to him than we see.

Now that I've watched a few episodes, I'm ready to share my opinion on Daniel Lee's proposal in the first episode. In my opinion, most psychopaths do not end up being cold-blooded or psychotic killers; many live normal lives despite their personality traits. As such, I'm afraid I have to disagree with Daniel's assertion that psychopathic traits are inherited, and as such, should be singled out or terminated. However, I agree that some are born with those traits, making them more likely to become predators. And when edged out by their social and familial environment, they may become monsters solidified by their callous disposition, guiltlessness, and poor impulse control. But then some kill for the pleasure of it.

From the onset, I felt whether the killer was Sung or Ba Reum, or even someone else, that they were a product of their environment. Not knowing much about Ba Reum's past, it's hard to discern whether he's that or just born evil. I do, however, suspect Sung and Ba may be working together; if not, this new revelation maybe another misdirection. That said, I'm intrigued by it and cannot wait to see where it leads, be it for Ba, Sung, or Moo Chi. As we still have so much, we don't know about them, including Hong Joo, Bong Yi, and the priest, Moo Chi's brother.

Despite the pressure of being a hardened detective on the hunt for a crazed serial killer(s) with his own motives nonetheless, I'm glad that Moo Chi is the one doing the hunting. And this killer(s) (I believe there is more than one) may be smart and even more dangerous than the head hunter. Still, I think they've found their match in Moo Chi; yes, they've been successful in their pursuits, but even the most calculating serial killers/monsters get caught on the simplest of mistakes, and these killers have made their shares of mistakes. Watch Episode 4 here.



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