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Mouse -- Episode 7: Transformed

Mouse takes itself to another level with its writing, directing, and acting. It doesn't at all hold back, and I think that might be the intrigue of this drama. It is willing to go places I'm not sure I've seen other dramas of the same genre go. It is so top-notch that I find myself so immersed in its every action and detail, but this episode left me feeling like I'm watching a completely different drama than the one I started.

I'm not complaining; on the contrary, I am quite intrigued by how much things have changed not just for Ba Reum but also for Moo Chi, Choi Hong Joo, and even Oh Bong Yi by the horrific events with Sung Yo Han. I will admit I didn't think this would be the end of the journey for him because I still have many questions about what, or maybe I should say who Sung Yo Han was as I'm almost hundred percent sure he isn't Han Seo Jun's son.

The ending of the previous episode left me confused as to who Ba Reum might be, could he be the serial killer, or did his near-death experience cause some change in his personality propelling him from that kind, gentle average soul to this new genius-like personality with the ability to think and, or act like a psychopath to that extent that he can successfully detect the psychological states of random murderers some senior detectives weren't able to crack. Not only is he able to solve or at least pick up on murder clues, but he's also suffering from partial amnesia, where he has forgotten some memories but regained others that at first look do not seem to belong to him, especially when he meets Headhunter serial killer Han Seo Joon (Ahn Jae Wook). Ba Reum suddenly regains memories of Jae Hoon/Sung Yo Han (Kim Kang Hoon).

Despite my confusion with Ba Reum's changed personality, I was excited to see Moo Chi and Ba Reum team up to try and solve new and cold murders as I believe Moo Chi's wittiness and experience as a detective and Ba Reum's new-found charisma and sharp senses to look for and find clues make them a great power team even as Ba Reum as feels confused about the changes he's suddenly experiencing, and Moo Chi feels both glad and doubtful about Ba Reum’s transformation. The way they carry out a joint investigation amidst the dangerous atmosphere keeps me hooked in a completely new way. Watch Episode 7 here.



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