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Mouse -- Episode 8: Such Creepiness

Goodness, everybody in this show is a creep. And the cops seem to be the worst of them too. I was right in thinking it was some sort of switch with Ba Reum, seeing how different he's become since his surgery. It's just that I was wrong on the type of switch; it's not a soul/body switch but rather a brain one, pretty brilliant. I love the new direction this drama is taking; I might add very well written and acted.

That said, though, how does a man imprisoned for committing heinous crimes allowed to operate, let alone salvage his own son's brain to keep his demented, psychotic legacy going; everybody that let it happen is a psychopath right along with him.

I like this new Ba Reum; his criminal profiling is quite impressive. Not sure how or what Han Seo Jun did to him, but it looks like he's infused some of his son's genius IQ into Ba Reum as well as his violent, psychotic tendencies. But what I like is that the kind, gentle Ba Reum is still there as well, which makes me think if this was a fight between good and evil, there is a chance good will prevail as it always does. I'm glad he finally remembered Bong Yi. I get a sense Woo Young Chul (Song Jae Hee), the lawyer, is the one that attacked her and not Kang Duk Soo (Jung Eun Pyo), the man released from prison, not that it makes the man any less of a creep, though.

Choi Hong Joo's behavior of late bothers me. I'm still trying to comprehend how she ended up with Sung Yo Han, but then I realized she's that little girl that begrudgingly helped Han Seo Jun back in episode 1, and I believe that might be the connection. But why act so weird all of a sudden; is it because she wants to keep that connection hidden from Moo Chi since she might've gotten his family killed; or is there more; so many questions. Also, how did she know Young Chul's father wasn't the older detective's daughter's killer; not that I think he is either. I'm pretty sure his lawyer son was involved.

I get Moo Chi's obsession with murdering his family's killer, but the extreme measures he is willing to take to get to him is pretty overt. To decide and take the fall for a murder he didn't commit just to get to prison proves he isn't in his right mind but worse than he is Detective Park Du Seok for allowing him. Revenge may feel good at the moment, but it won't fix what's already broken. I have so many questions; my head hurts, the teenage girl in the opening, who's that; Choi Hong Joo; this drama is so good. Watch Episode 8 here.



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