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Mouse -- Episode 9 & 10: The Evil Within

I'm not sure if I know or even appreciate the direction this show is taking, but I must commend the actors from Lee Seung Gi to Lee Hee Joon, Park Joo Hyun, Kyung Soo Jin, Kwon Hwa Woon (he is missed), and Ahn Jae Wook and most especially Seung Gi as Ba Reum and Lee Hee Joon as Moo Chi.

I love how raw Moo Chi is both a detective and a civilian who has let his inner conflict between justice and revenge completely overtake his life. Still, with all the pain and loss he's had to endure, his obsession with Han Seo Jun is perfectly understandable. And on the other hand, there's Ba Reum and the complex duality in his head, harboring the extremeness of good and evil and Ba Reum's frenzied struggle to curb the evil that threatens to overtake him. Brilliantly written, directed, and acted.

I was truly overcome with anger at Secretary Choi Young Shin's decision to have a monster like Han Seo Jun operate on Ba Reum, I appreciate the situation, but I was still angered and very much bothered by it. Not only that but the fact they did it in secret without trying to get consent from his aunt and more so seem more concerned with the public finding out about their decision rather than listening to Ba Reum's complaints and side effects. Ironically, the very same people who wanted to pass a law to abort a fetus with psychotic genes are the very same who had a psychopath operate on Ba Reum.

I'm really enjoying Park Joo Hyun in the role of Bong Yi. It's my first time seeing her in a drama, and I am quite impressed with how she depicts the character but more so how much she's developed as a character from the sharp-tongued teenager to a caring and patient young adult. I love her relationship with Ba Reum and how he's come to depend on her for support as he tries to find himself post-surgery.

Hong Joo, on the other hand, continues to irritate me. It bothers me that despite her knowing she's Park Du Seok's daughter, she lets continue to believe she was one of Han Seo Jun's victims even as Moo Chi stood to take the blame for Woo Jae Pill's murder. I wonder if Ba Reum hadn't figured out the truth, would she have continued with her silence; she really irks me. I understand why she acts the way she does, but she was a child when Han Seo Jun kidnapped her and made her do the things she did, but I guess guilt is a terrible thing.

Despite Ba Reum's vivid flashback memories, I still maintain Sung Yo Han wasn't the serial killer. For two reasons, the DNA results, which he hid in his safe, I'm surprised no one found it, and the other is when he confronted his mother about knowing her son is a murderer, I'm pretty sure he didn’t mean himself, but Ba Reum. It's probably the reason he had those pictures in his basement and was following Ba Reum around because he figured out or thought he figured out who Ba-reum really was and was trying to stop Ba Reum from killing. As Ba Reum told the doctor, I completely blame him and the Secretary for any evilness he commits. They made him into what he became -- monsters are made, not born.



I really enjoy Lee Seunggi acting in this drama. I like all the plot twist and how the characters are developed. Yo Han death make me so sad. I wait the second act of the drama to end before restart my watching. It gives me so much stress and headache and I need some break... hhhhhhhhhh

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I read the comment section on dramacool and they said that Mouse have some similarities with Dexter.

Exactly. I bet he is good and will use his evil part to do "good" by killing some vilains. (because of the ep 11 ending)

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