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Move to Heaven -- Journey of Change and True Love (Drama Review)

So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty. — Haniel Long.

I wasn't sure what to expect with Move to Heaven. I mean, I read the premise of it, but how many times have we all done that only to find the show or movie is nothing like the synopsis described it. One thing is for sure, though, it was quite an emotional ride, one I hadn't felt since My Mister and Chocolate. And not only that but it's beautifully produced, with vivid colors and tones. I knew I would enjoy the drama for the mere fact that Lee Je Hoon was in it, and it's the main reason I decided to watch it since it wasn't really in my plan to watch list, to begin with; I'm glad I did.

There is no disputing the brilliance that is Tang Jun Sang as Han Geu Roo. But my favorite was Hong Seung Hee in her role as Yoon Na Moo. She was tenacious in her guarding and care and a complete blessing to have in and around Geu Roo throughout the drama in every sense of the word. I would also be remiss not to mention Jung Ae Yun in the role of Madam Jung, the one character I disliked the moment I laid eyes on her. I mean, even before she uttered a word, and it never really got any better for her, no arc development or growth here, just pure greed. But with that said, the credit again goes to Jung Ae Yun and her ability to make me feel the way I did towards her character. Each character, the good and the bad leave an impact and makes Move to Heaven the great story that slowly and methodically unfolds on screen.

Everything about this drama works and works very well. From the touching stories in each of the commissioned trauma cleanings to the way Move to Heaven handles each case and the closure, care, and respect it provides to the dearly departed as well as those left behind to deal with the loss of their loved one. I truly commend the writer, the director, all the actors for bringing to life a drama about a young man who cannot change, whose whole life is anchored and defended by routine yet changes the lives of all those around him.

And by the end of the first episode, I found myself feeling love for Han Geu Roo like he was related to me, which is a credit to Tang Jung Sang as an actor and how he plays the character. He doesn't play him as cute, lovable, or even pathetic, but a matter of factly, uninflected, unmoved except when his routine changes and he gets agitated until its balance is restored. And it's in those moments that I grew to love him even more than I had already started for what he was, and realized that's how the people around him felt about him too.

All the change in the drama belongs to Jo Sang Goo, who begins the drama as a me-first opportunist. But by the end, he learns to pay attention, listen, and be a little more patient while in the process gets to know the meaning of family and true love. Move to Heaven to me was about acceptance, unconditional love, and that being different is nothing to be afraid of but something to encourage and embrace. And it's a lesson we can all undoubtedly benefit from in our daily dealings with the people around us, be it family, friends, our neighbors, or mere strangers. Fantastic drama, and here is me wishing and optimistically waiting on the second season of this journey. Watch Drama Here.



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