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Mr. Queen - Episode 19: Endings and Confessions

The Queen, Lady Choi, and Hong Yeon sneaking out of the palace on a mission to find and save the King was such a refreshing turn of events with this drama. I loved the happy, carefree contrast from the backstabbing, scheming royal court. One could visibly see and feel the pleasant change in all three, and that's what I love about Mr. Queen, its ability to craft the unexpected.

I expected it to turn dark this episode, but if there's a drama that knows how to offset darkness with happier moments, it's Mr. Queen. Despite expecting it, though, I didn't for a second presume it would unfold the way it did. Nor did I imagine the scar-faced man to be the one to appear out of nowhere in the woods nonetheless be the end of the mighty BI (what a brilliant actor he is); at least he went out as he always wanted, protecting his precious So Yong. I have to commend Mr. Queen for continuously keeping us on our toes while fully and wholly entertaining us.

But after darkness always comes light. Our Queen was exquisite in her performance this episode. Her reaction to seeing the King was profoundly touching, as was her happiness to seeing Lady Choi and Hong Yeon well and alive. I loved that the King, Queen, Lady Choi, the Chef, and HY were leading the rebellion; it made it so refreshingly real. There were many favorite moments in this episode, but Lady Choi and the Royal Chef take the prize, with the King and Queen coming a close second. I can't and don't want to believe this is the end. Life will not be the same after this, for sure.



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