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Mr. Queen - Episode 20 - Final: A Blessing in Disguise

It's true when they say endings can be scary, but then endings are not always bad. Most times, they are just new beginnings in disguise. So, it's not goodbye to Mr. Queen but hello, new beginning!

That said an excellent finish to a flawless drama. What a blessing Mr. Queen has been in these trying times we live in; for the past 16+ weeks, it's given me immeasurable pleasure, and for that, I am forever grateful for allowing me to live vicariously through all its funny, happy, and, at times, not so happy moments. More so, I'm glad I decided to watch this drama that so graciously and so seamlessly showcased the many facets of our fantastic leads and their supporting cast that I may have otherwise missed and to think I almost didn't watch it.

Kim Jung Hyun said he chose the role of King Cheoljong for its comedic possibilities; he wanted to do a project that would make people laugh and help them forget the pandemic, even if for an hour. He, our beautiful and gifted Shin Hye Sun, the incredibly talented cast, writer, director, production team, and especially Choi Jin Hyuk (it was so good to see him end it as he opened it, beautifully wrapped) have done that and much, much more. I liked that Kim So Yong's soul was reunited with her body and the love (her King) she so desperately tried to protect at the cost of her own life. She deserves it and more. A long-standing ovation to anyone and everyone involved in the art that became Mr. Queen, this is one drama none of us will soon forget.

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1 Comment

Seni Seni
Seni Seni
Feb 28, 2021

Kim Jung Hyun - Like The First Snow Mr. Queen OST Part 10

Mr. Queen, you are missed!

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