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My Liberation Notes -- Episode 6, 7, 8, 9: Relationships are Hard

Week to week, I live vicariously through this drama. It says and does the things I want to say and do, and I love it. It's fascinating watching the Yeom family so captivated by Gu and his silence. What's even more intriguing is that when a silent man like Gu finally speaks, he leaves everyone speechless. I love that he and Mi Jung don't even have to talk to be totally in each other's presence, and how thoughtfulness can be the difference. This drama is exceptional, and it's not just one or two actors that make that. It's the whole cast. At the beginning of this drama, I wasn't sure what to make of Yeom Chang Hee, but I've grown to appreciate him so much. The credit goes to Lee Min Ki for doing such an incredible job, but then so is Lee El as Yeom Ki Jung. I love her and her boss, and what a total show-stealer Kim Woo Hyung has become. And, of course, there is Ji Hyun Ah, the sibling's friend, even the silent parents -- fantastic.

I love Gu's and Mi Jung's father's silent but receptive relationship. I love the "something good will happen to you today" board sign, the subtlety of Mi Jung and Gu's liberation, Chang Hee's determination and corkiness, his friend's simplicity, Ki Jung's attempt at self-reflection despite her double standards, Ji Hyun Ah's free style (I think she may have feelings for Change Hee but doesn't recognize them yet, I hope they end up together), Jo Tae Hoon's smile and Park Sang Min's grumpiness. I love how real this drama is in expressing real people's thoughts and actions, particularly how it addresses the fact that some people like to put others down whenever they can, not because they are evil or rotten human beings, but because sometimes it's the only way they know how to feel better about themselves. Sometimes all a person needs is the knowledge that someone cares. I don't think there is a K-drama out there, since I started watching in 2018, that's said so much to me with so little. As a real person, it makes me feel worshiped.

I am happiest when watching this drama. I so totally relate to the Yeom family's unaffectionate love. Each of the siblings brings something special and unique that makes me appreciate them for who they are and what they are trying to become. I love Ki Jung for her positive growth and development, and for doing it in such a short time, and I like how she loses her senses around and about Tae Hoon. Chang Hee makes me smile; everything he says makes me smile. I can't wait to see him find his happy spot with Ji Hyun Ah. Despite not knowing much about him, I adore Mr. Gu's silent but dependable demeanor. I hope his past doesn't come back to bite him. But Mi Jung is the one I want to be like the most -- courageous and determined -- I love them together. I adore the Liberation Club. I like seeing all three members unburden themselves, and especially Tae Hoon. Can someone tell me how I join and liberate myself? I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode.

Relationships, all types are hard, but I love how this drama shows us that vulnerability is magic, be it in Mi Jung, how she relates to Gu and him to her, and the courage it gives them both to open up about their most inner darkest fears of worship. It's almost like they were fated to be, or Ki Jung, and how she aspires to relate to Tae Hoon. Despite being so different, I love that both sisters don't hold back when it comes to their feelings. I was worried for Ki Jung with Tae Hoon's reaction to her confession, but I am glad to see that the confession not only increased her knowledge of herself, but also Tae Hoon's of himself. I enjoy her scenes the most, be it with her boss, her siblings, Tae Hoon or just on her own. Chang Hee blowing up on his toxic co-worker was a sight for sore eyes -- I loved it. I just wish he could reach a place of change and vulnerability beyond where he is right now. Watch Drama Here

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Soni SHB
Apr 07

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