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Nevertheless, -- Episode 2: Rather Be Miserable With You Than Without You

This drama is so alluring. The sexual tension between Na Bi and Jae Eon, whenever they are together, is so thick one could cut it with a knife. I knew whatever Na Bi had going on was a dream, but what a dream it was indeed, so strikingly vivid. Most often than not, if not always, I like a character because of the actor or actress playing the role as a viewer. Unfortunately, it is far and few between when one comes across a character they like instead of the actor.

And it's not that I don't like Han So Hee, I do very much so, but I especially like Yu Na Bi as a character. On the contrary, I very much do, but as they say, some characters have a sense of timelessness to them I find that true with Na Bi in how she reacts to the happenstance around her, her facial expression, eyes, thoughts, and even how she talks—more than anything. I liked how Oh Bit Na (Yang Hye Ji) Na Bi's best friend described Jae Eon to her, a butterfly that never really lingers in one place for any length of time; it explained him perfectly.

As interesting as Na Bi and Jae Eon are, I find the people around them even more intriguing, from Bit Na, Na Bi's best friend and probably the true free spirit of the group who is probably the closet female version of Park Jae Eon in that she loves to surround herself with male friends but never dates them not that it has stopped the friend(s) from falling for her which brings me to Nam Kyu Hyun (Kim Min Gwi) who is Bit Na's best male friend but whom I think pines secretly for her. I am pretty sure of it. We have Yoon Seol-ah (Lee Yeol Eum) as Jae Eon's middle school classmate and ex-girlfriend who is still in love with him. I am most interested in Yoon Sol (Lee Ho Jung) and Seo Ji-Wan (Yoon Seo Ah), who are Na Bi's best friends and seem to have some connection that alludes to more than friendship.

Even the extended friendships and relationships in this drama are of interest. For example, Seong-Yun (Lee Tae-Hee), Jae Eon, and Na Bi's senior art school colleague may have a secret relationship with Jang Se Young (Seo Hye Won) based on their make-out session after the spin the bottle game, now that was interesting. I even find joy in both teaching assistants/seniors Min Young (Han Eu-Ddeum) and Ahn Kyung-Joon (Jung Jae-Kwang) interacting with the students, especially with Park Jae Eon and Na Bi. And notwithstanding my interest in Yoon Sol and Ji-Wan's relationship and strong belief, they have romantic feelings for each other; I find myself drawn to Jung Ju-Hyeok (Lee Seung-Hyub), the guy Yoon Sol bumped in the restaurant she went while Ji-Wan was on a blind date as a potential love interest. I feel Ji-Wan will be more of a heartache for Yoon Sol than a happy ending seeing that she's going on blind dates and openly flaunting it.

The more I see of this drama, the more I like it in that it portrays such a realistic version of college life— everything is so very well done— from the filming to the editing to the sexual curiosity of students, some of whom are having their first taste of life outside of their parent's control. And I think the way Na Bi and all the students portray their everyday college life is what makes the drama so relatable to many, including the intoxicating sexual tension between Na Bi and Jae Eon, which is clearly articulated as Na Bi finally gives in to that tension and kisses Jae Eon despite knowing she was opening the gates of hell by giving in to someone who would probably never give her what she really wants— to be the one and only. But, it's like they say, rather be miserable with them than without them. So I find myself invested in this sensuous rollercoaster of emotions both her and Park Jae Eon are taking me on as a viewer. Watch Episode 2 here.



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