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Nevertheless, -- Episode 3: Crossing the Line

I can completely relate to Nabi, that hellish state of mind, the uncertainty, worrying, obsessing even on whether the person you fancy does as well; who hasn't been there at one point or another.

That pull and tug feeling where everything about the person you like excites and scares you simultaneously. And despite knowing full and well a person may not be suitable for you falling for them nonetheless, now that's the law of attraction. And now that Na Bi has opened up the pit of hell, it will be a bumpy ride for sure.

I got the sense when Park Jae Eon said he was hungry; he wasn't talking about the food. On a separate note, how is Bit Na any different from Jae Eon; not any, really. I like Nam Kyu Hyun; I knew he had feelings for her when I saw them together. The way he talks to her, always caring, picking up after her, it was only a matter of time like their professor said before the sparks started flying. I would hate for him to get hurt; I like them together more than I do Nabi and Park Jae Eon or Yoon Sol and Ji-Wan.

Sparks were everywhere in this episode, but the one that bothered me the most was Ji Wan. Her jealous outburst really more than anything else; it's like everything is always about her. She can't be in a relationship with Sol but doesn't want her to be in one either makes her appear inauthentic and, if she's not careful, she will drive Sol away. Seeing how long they've known each other, I think she's had plenty of chances to choose her, be herself and determine whether Sol is the person she is willing to fight the world to be with regardless of society.

Whatever Nabi, Park Jae Eon, Bit Na, Nam Kyu Hyun, Yoon So, and Ji Wan have gotten themselves into, they're going to have to deal with it because there's no uncrossing a line once you cross it. As they say, everything that matters hurts until it doesn't matter anymore; that's how men and women are made: they don't reason; they feel. It's only about to get crazy from here. Watch Episode 3 here.



Lee Cox
Lee Cox
Jul 04, 2021

The knot of apprehension in my stomach wasn't there this episode. I was glad to see it gone.

But I am certain it will return. The girl who returned from parts unknown has known him for a while. She calls it when she thinks her is fooling himself and he does have feelings for one butterfly. For her to say that, signals to me they are not pursuing a relationship.

He admitted he was jealous of her and the other guy. So is that fueling his sudden ardour? If so, can it be trusted?

I can see why she is hella confused. I think he is being genuine with her. He seemed to have toned down his player mode. That’s…

Drama Banter
Drama Banter
Jul 05, 2021
Replying to

Absolutely, I've been where Nabi is, it obviously didn't end well but I don't regret it. It was good while it lasted and we are still friendly. Even "this" will pass as they say, lol

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