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Nevertheless, -- Episode 4: I know it's Not Love, Nevertheless

The title of this 4th episode tells it all. Nabi knows what she has with Park Jae Eon isn't love; nevertheless, she's helpless in the face of that electric shock of sexuality surging through her like a current; the desire that oozes to the extent that all one wants to do is to touch the bare skin of the gorgeous entity sitting on the other side of them. It's that helpless feeling of knowing it's not right but not having the will or desire to prevent it.

It's that palpable heat, that irrepressible tug drawing two people towards each other another person, and it is often a sensation that lies beyond the realm of our own control -- and that is Park Jae Eon for Nabi and despite what many may say about Jae Eon he undoubtedly feels the same for her. Sometimes one knows what they're getting into isn't the real thing, but they are helpless to prevent it from happening. It's so true when they say some people are destined to be meet each other but not destined to be together. And I love this drama for depicting all of it so very realistically.

At the beginning of this drama, I was more interested in Yoon Sol and Ji Wan's story than I ever was of Nabi and Jae Eon, but four episodes in, and I find myself getting more involved in Nam Kyu Hyun and Oh Bit Na's story. And it could be because Bit Na is the female version of Park Jae Eon, but despite her not wanting to tie herself to one person, she definitely values Nam Kyu Hyun and as a friend if not as a lover.

I like Nam Kyu Hyun a lot and what I like most about him is that he's not scared of saying what he really wants out loud, even if it meant losing the very thing he wants. He and Nabi may be in a similar situation but made such different choices that Kyu Han understands that his chemistry with Bit Na was built and fostered over time through a friendship he now wants to cultivate into something more. It's clear Bit Na has feelings for him, seeing how jealous she got when he went out on a blind date. Unlike him, she is not willing to cross that line of friendship into something much deeper, not to lose the friend in him. But there comes a time when one must decide and not let fear rule them.

Ji Wan, on the other hand, baffles me. Her continued alienation of Yoon Sol speaks more to her shortcoming as a girlfriend than a friend. And it's probably because she isn't ready to admit to her feelings, but her behavior towards Yoon Sol is starting to make me wonder why Sol even cares, but then no one has control over who they love or how they feel. I doubt Ji Wan even knows why she's behaving the way she does. Despite everything, this is a relationship I would love to see happen. There is something electric about Yoon Sol, a sadness in how she carries herself that makes me want to see her happy.

As intense as Nabi and Park Jae Eon's sexual attraction is, the fact remains that they really don't know much about each other. And as important as that attraction is, it is not what a true relationship is built on, and I think Nabi knows that. True sexual chemistry often takes getting to know a person at least a little bit before it truly blossoms — and even then, it’s not static. So, that blissful intoxication from another's person smell and taste, that feeling of drowning in in their warmth; yes, all that's sexual chemistry. But so is the freedom to be oneself to feel safe with this person — that’s chemistry, too. And I don't think Nabi has that with Park Jae Eon, at least not yet. I wonder if Do Hyuk will offer that. I like him, and I like the way he talks; it is so very soothing. I can't help but feel myself rooting for him, a strong contender for Nabi's heart.



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