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Nevertheless, -- Episode 5: Love Comes in Many Forms

It is so true when they say everybody is free to make whatever choice they want, but they are not free from the consequences of those choices, not even Nabi. She knew what she was getting into but even, so she hoped. I felt for her deeply. I've been there before too.

And whatever it is that Ji Wan is doing to Yoon Sol, I'm not fond of one bit. I am trying very hard to give her the benefit of the doubt. But she wants to have her cake and eat it too, and it just doesn't work like that. I don't like to see Yoon Sol hurting, so I hope Ji Wan gets the courage to understand and fight for the kind of love she wants. Love comes in many different ways and forms; nothing says it has to conform to what society or family believes it should be.

I fully appreciated the brother's anger for his sister towards Park Jae On; given her side of the story, whatever that may have been, the choices she made, though, were hers. Park Jae On is many things, but he isn't one to force himself on anyone. He, same as Ji Wan, wants to have his cake and eat too. How Jae On is with Nabi, though, is cowardly. If one doesn't fight for what they want, assuming they know what they want, they can't cry for what they may lose. He needs to decide what matters most, hiding behind the line or crossing it. The choice is his to make.

I've tried to understand Park Jae On and Yoon Seol Ah's (Lee Yeol Eum) relationship, but I'm getting nowhere. He may not be in love with her, but he does care for her; she, on the other hand, is in love with him. I am sure of it. Even more, I don't get what Park Jae On is after or if he even knows, but he's definitely hiding behind this line he keeps drawing. Whatever he's doing, I hope it's not out of a sense of competition. Everybody in this drama wants their cake and to eat too, even Oh Bit Na, they all want the easy way to life. I guess none of them realize that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I love that Kyu Hyun at least attempted to move on, but I loved him even more for being honest with Bit Na and not giving up on what he doesn't want to lose.

I admit I wasn't sure Nabi had the strength to go against her feelings, but I should've known that she would and does. I loved what she said to Yoon Seol-Ah at the end of the episode; that comeback; a perfect ending to a hopeless hope. Now, if only Nabi realizes her relationships don't define her and that it's perfectly okay not to be in one, but I hope she gives Yang Do Hyuk's (Chae Jong Hyeop) kind of love a chance whenever she's ready, she will be okay. Love indeed takes many forms; it's up to the individual to choose how they wish to express it because no form of love is wrong so long as it is love. I am in love with the Love Me Like That OST.

Watch Episode 5 here.

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