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Nevertheless, -- Episode 8: Relationships Aren’t Easy

Nevertheless,—is excellent at delivering the message that relationships aren’t easy; life is chaotic; it makes sense that relationships would be too. Love is not all that a relationship needs; it needs mutual respect, sincerity, compromise, sacrifice, understanding, willingness, and courage to become the best version of oneself and love and accept that person as they are. The minute one has an uneasy feeling about a given situation, I think it’s a sign this “thing,” whatever it may be, is not suitable for them. One should always trust their instincts; they are messages from their soul.

Confessing one’s feelings to someone who is not free to reciprocate seems futile; that said, I am glad Nabi cared for Do Hyeok enough not to sugar-coat anything in front of him. That doesn’t mean I am proud of her for not giving in to Park Jae Eon because all she did was allow him to believe he has power over her, which he does. Even his admission of falling in love, at first sight, seemed contrived, much as he is too. It’s on Nabi to be the change she wants in her life. I used to think Jae Eon had feelings for Nabi, but I don't believe that anymore. I think Park Jae Eon sees whatever he thinks he has with Nabi as a convenience or a challenge he must win. Relationships, though, whatever they may be, don't work like that. When one really loves someone, they want to pull that person closer, not push them away. It wills one to want to fix what's broken instead of just throwing it away because they fear intimacy or commitment; it's not the act of losing your freedom. Commitment is not a rule or a regulation — it is an action. It's choosing who you want to give your time, emotions, and heart to, but neither Park Jae Eon nor Bit Na is willing to do that. What little empathy I had for Park Jae Eon ended this episode. He's hopeless. I didn't have much for Bit Na, so no loss there. I didn't think we'd get a chance to see much of Kyu Hyun, but the little we did gave me pleasure. I’m glad he was strong enough to end things with Bit Na; his constantly telling her how he feels and what he wants, and her unwillingness to change or even try only means she didn't respect him or his feelings for her. Despite knowing why Do Hyeok doesn’t want to give up on Nabi yet. I feel hanging on to someone when they don’t feel the same way is like a setup for a major heartbreak. I love Do Hyeok, his sincerity in everything he says and does borers right through my heart. I’m in love with him. I hope he isn't an afterthought or rebound. As much as I want to like Ji Wan, I’m having a tough time doing so; the more I see her or hear her talk, the more I find her annoying. I wish she would stop taking Yoon Sol for granted and assume she will always be there for her Yoon Sol was bound to get tired of it all. When the person you have feelings with doesn’t seem to match your sincerity or want what you want, one must have the inner strength to walk away just like Kyu Hyun was able to do. I want both Yoon Sol and Nabi to have that strength, too, if need be. Because just because someone realizes they may have feelings for you but doesn’t dare to act them isn’t enough. Park Jae Eon asking Nabi if she wanted to go over his place to see the butterflies made me cringe. It sounded like he was asking her if she wanted to have sex rather than a relationship. Watch episode 8 here.



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