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Nevertheless, -- Episode 9: It Was Over Even Before It Began

For a while now, I've wondered whether Nabi was more in love with the idea of a relationship than being with Park Jae Eon. Spark or not, if you like someone who causes you to doubt yourself, distrust them, or overthink your words and actions, but they don't change despite knowing the pain it causes you, I would say there is no hope for a true partnership. The difference between a comfortable love and a love for the sake of comfort is the feeling of safety. And Nabi has never once felt safe with Park Jae Eon.

Yes, they have chemistry, but what is the point if it's not genuine. The minute Jae Eon told Nabi they should start dating, I knew he did because he thought that was what she wanted to hear and more because he could tell she was more herself with Do Hyuk than she was ever with him. In the end, Park Jae Eon was his own worst enemy. He didn't know how to handle his jealousy, let alone the genuineness of his emotions. I'm not even surprised it ended the way it did. He's like the boy that cried wolf one too many times, and we all know how that story ended. I thought the final scene between them in the rain was probably the best we'd seen of the drama so far, particularly of Nabi.

When Do Hyuk told Nabi he would wait for her, I got anxious. I appreciated that he didn't want to give up on Nabi. Still, at the same time, I didn't want him to force a relationship just because he sincerely cared for her, especially since Nabi seemed to have lingering feelings for Park Jae Eon, and that would've only hurt him more than anything else. But in a way, I like that he stayed despite how hard it was for him to see them together. Because I think the two of them have a genuine spark, one that will last when the newness fades, Nabi won't have to question whether or not it's there because they'll both just know. A soulmate, The One, or even just someone worth spending time with will never feel forced. Even when the relationship feels difficult and it will, loving each other never will be.

For the first time since I started watching this drama, I truly appreciated Ji Wan; she's probably the only one with the most arc development so far. The fact that she seriously considered the impact of a romantic relationship on their friendship if they would break up made me realize her sincerity and endeared her to me more. And that is the one thing both Kyu Hyun and Bit Na didn't consider, friendship versus a romantic relationship. Sure they tried to remain friends after the break-up, but things weren't the same, and they knew it. I like that Bit Na finally realized that if she wanted Kyu Hyun in her life, she needed to be a better person or meet him halfway. I was hoping Kyu Hyun wouldn't get back together with Bit Na. She's not my favorite person, but she really likes her, and that's what matters. I appreciated that about her, and like Ji Wan and Yoon Sol, I am glad the show gave them that chance.

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