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Oh, Master -- Episodes 1 & 2: Oh, Master!

I'm savoring Oh, Master; I know it has another name, but I'm going to stick with this one. It's great to have Lee Min-Ki back on screen in another prickly yet fun character. I enjoy his quirkiness. And, of course, it's always good having the lovely Nana on screen. I completely enjoyed her in Into the Ring. It's cool that she and Park Sung-Hoon have dramas on at the same time.

I wondered how Oh Joo In ends up being the landlord when it's Han Bi Soo's home, but now that I've watched the first episode, I understood. Even though I understood why his mom did it, I still couldn't believe she sold the house from right under his nose and not all that; she packed everything and had someone else move in. He had every right to be livid. I would've felt the same way too. I appreciate Bi Soo's mother wanting her son back with her. It almost feels like she knows her son's time is almost up, but how could she know that; so many questions. I am sure we will get the answers as we go along. I am almost a hundred percent sure the mom knows her husband cheated on her, and I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't still doing it.

I loved how Oh Joo defended Han Bi Soo from the actress's claim that he pushed her; I can see how endeared she is to the house where she was born and why she bought it. It was like her wanting to buy the beautiful memories they had in that house for her mom, who seems to be suffering from some post-traumatic issue related to her father's death. I cannot begin to imagine what it may be. I'm also really curious about that guardian angel look-alike, or maybe he's an angel of death; either way, the way he's approached Bi Soo seems more like the latter. I wonder what that is about.

I enjoyed everything about these first two episodes except, of course, for Han Bi Soo's father. What a coward of a man and a bully for a father to make his teenage son think he was responsible for his mom's unhappiness if he were to tell her told his cheating. As they say, any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad. That said, I like the temperament of the story, it feels easygoing and pleasant, and I can see this drama will be my happy place—a good reprieve to the other somewhat dark dramas I'm watching right now.

Watch Episodes 1 and 2 here. This is a review of the first two episodes only.



I prefer the name Oh My LadyLord hhhhhhhh. Lee Min Ki is one of my favorite. And I enjoy Nana's acting so much in Kill It . I haven't planned to watch this drama. I don't know why I need some relaxing drama after all the headaches and the stress Mouse, Vincenzo, Beyond Evil and The Penthouse gave to me so I start it and I don't regret.

Drama Banter
Drama Banter
Apr 07, 2021
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I love Lee Min Ki as well and like him in this role ... Nana is fun to watch I loved her in Into the Ring 😍

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