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On The Verge of Insanity -- Episodes 15 & 16 (Finale) Workplace and People Values

Each employee or worker has their own workplace values. And, while an organization or company can't always make sure each person's values perfectly align, they can try to hire people who fit, and vice versa, employees should make an effort to only work for companies or organizations that align with their core values. And this drama does a great job articulating what happens when values are out of alignment; people work towards different goals, with other intentions, and with different outcomes, which damages work relations, productivity, job satisfaction, and creative potential. Hanmyung Electronics is a great example of that.

Lately, whenever I'm reviewing On the Verge of Insanity, it feels like all I talk about is how awful Se Gwon is and that he is with no growth or development insight. And it's probably why I couldn't empathize with Na Ri; she knew Han Se Gwon was up to no good and said nothing. Her silence was worse than his actions because she had the means to stop him, or at least slow him down, especially since she needed the project to succeed for her own goals. I do, however, like that the show provides her with an arc development opportunity. Still, the good in this drama far outweighs the bad in Ban Seok, Dang Ja Yeong, Han Soo, and the rest of the team that worked so hard to make their projects a success and doing it while working in such a cutthroat work environment. They are the heroes.

I have many memorable moments from this drama. Still, I think Ban Seok's head butting Se Gwon for being the coward and the thief he always was and continued to be despite the many chances he had will remain with me for a while; he had it coming for a time now. I respect Ban Seok for restraining himself for as long as he had. From the moment I started this drama, I knew Ban Seok would be the catalyst for change. He is authentic, resilient, emotionally intelligent, self-disciplined, and committed, a man of purpose qualities that set him far above everybody else. Despite knowing Se Gwon was hopeless, I still hoped. I wasn't disappointed in him but more myself for expecting.

Shin Jung Ah and Ki Jeong Hyun (Dong Hyun Bae) from the product development team getting caught sneaking out of the office by her brother Han Soo was hilarious but what he caught them doing was even funnier. I love that Jung Ah finally found someone that could rock her boat, literally. And that he resigned and started working with Ban Seok because it was even crazier; I love Han Soo. I love that the show gave us the backstory of how Ban Seok started his company.

I loved his resolve and that Ja Young, Na Ri, and Han Soo trusted him enough to quit their jobs and chose to work with his start-up just because of his business model. He was right to trust his own guts to go with them, too, even if they don't always agree.

I commend Ban Seok even more for agreeing to see him let alone collaborate with Se Gwon after everything he'd done. That Se Gwon would meet his demise was a matter of time. Unethical conduct is actually the conduct of destruction and fear; lies are told because one is afraid of the consequences of the truth. He thought he could survive in the industry after messing with President Han; that was probably his biggest downfall. But President Han had it coming as well for not appreciating the talent he had in Ban Seok. That Na Ri even trusted Se Gwon enough to want him back in her life is something I will probably never understand, despite him trying to redeem himself by investing in Banstone. That's hardly enough atonement for all that he did.

Among the dramas that aired simultaneously, On the Verge of Insanity is one I excitedly anticipated week after week and touched me the most. I commend the writer, director, and actors for making such a classy, relevant and realistic depiction of the challenges the workforce faces and the importance of workplace values both as an employer and an employee. I was pleased the drama shows this with Ban Seok as he works to build up his new company Banstone Company (I love the name), with workplace values that serve as a guiding principle. I appreciate all the cast for their stellar performances, but Moon So Ri, Jung Jae Young, Lee Sang Yeob, Jo Bok Rae, Kim Nam Hee, and Cha Chung Hwa. More importantly, for driving the message that when an organization's values align with its workforce, everyone does the right things for the right reasons. The common purpose and understanding help invest in the betterment of the organization; it stops being just about the paycheck and becomes a long-term investment.



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