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On the Verge of Insanity -- Episodes 7 & 8: Uncompromising Values in Life

Han Se Kwon thoroughly deserves Seo Na Ri and her him. She's clingy, lacks self-esteem, loud and pretentious; he's a treacherous coward and even more pretentious -- they are perfect for each other. What's the point of having good qualifications, education or money, when one lacks common decency.

I'm not too fond of either of them, but Han Se Kwon even less for allowing someone else to criticize someone special to him at one point. How frivolous of him. In that sense, I completely understood Ja Yeong's reaction to Se Kwon and Na Ri. Just because it felt terrible to stay in a lousy marriage doesn't mean it felt good to leave either.

They say out of adversity comes opportunity, even in the face of vicious office politics. I truly appreciated the show for giving us an inside look at the struggles of forced layoffs on HR. But more so in how much Ja Yeong hated having to let Ban Seok go. I respected her for trying to find a way to keep him even if on Han Se Kwon's team, despite her hiding behind it. It was always my feeling Ban Seok was the heart of this story and Hanmyung Electronics. As they say, the strength of a man is in his character, a man who understands his priorities above all else.

I knew Mr. No would flip out on Ja Yeong once he got what he wanted from her. I am not at all surprised. The sneaky way he went about the forced layoffs was all the warning I needed. But if what he told Ja Yeong is true and the President (Jo Bok Rae) wants him out, then I say that's karma's way of letting him and the president, for that matter, know that they just thought they could get away with ruining so many livelihoods for the sake of profit. I know it's just business to them, but it still hurts nonetheless.

I love Shin Han Soo (Kim Nam Hee); I knew his presence on Han Se Kwon's Home Workout Mirror team would rattle Se Kwon, and I had hoped it might help stir him in the right direction, but I guess he's way too far gone for that. Only a fool goes against his better judgment to prove a point he's losing anyways, but Han Se Kwon has proven time and time again to be exactly that fool. He will definitely come to regret his decision on the workout thing.

Ban Seok's uncompromising nature is what makes this drama a joy to watch. I admire him for always standing by his truth. I was, however, completely stunned Ja Yeong took the QK issue up the chain. I thought she would try and cover it up for her own sake, if nothing else. I am not surprised by Se Kwon's association with QK or the bribery. Still, I was totally taken aback by how far he was willing to go to cover up that association but more that, he put out defective products to market to gain favor within the company. It's so true when they say corruption fears righteousness the most. I know I say this every episode, but Han Se Kwon is as low as they come; he's not just corrupt; he's unscrupulous, irresponsible, weak, and most of all shameless.

More than Se Kwon, though how Ja Yeong acts now that she knows how lowly he is, is what matters most. Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act as they say. I seriously thought Ban Seok's time with Ja Yeong would give her a different perspective on what matters most in life, but I guess I was wrong. She is just too wrapped in her need to prove she is better than those born with golden spoons in their moth that she's forgotten there are some values in life one should never compromise: integrity, honesty, self-discipline, and most of all, humanity. Watch episodes 7 & 8 here.



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