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On the Verge of Insanity -- Episodes 9 & 10: Excuses are Tools of the Incompetent

That Ja Yeong continued her talk with Han Se Kwon after what he told her was perplexing to me. It was even worse than him resuming his talk like what he did was typical, acceptable, and, worse, justifiable is utterly disgusting, like Ban Seo said. It's so true when they say corruption is like a ball of snow; once it's set a rolling, it must increase. On the Verge of Insanity is one of the better dramas of its genre by far. I am always on the verge of my own insanity with this drama.

I furiously dislike Han Se Kwon furiously. Whenever he starts talking, he reminds me of something I read once: excuses are tools of the incompetent. They build monuments of nothingness. But for Da Jeong's to try and run away from her responsibility as an HR professional, pretend corruption doesn't exist to protect her career, I expected it. However, I was still disappointed in her deeply. And honestly, I didn't feel bad for her at all. She made her bed, and now she has to lay in it.

I wasn't at all surprised by the decisions made in this episode. What better way to silence Gong Jung Pil than to make him the Division Head now he's responsible for the happenings of that division. I knew he would've reported the anomalies with the chip, but Director Go nonetheless decided to go with it. Shin is right; it's not how about how Gong got promoted but who decided it. Even Gong knew someone higher-up was making him into the fall guy. The saddest part in all of this is that rather than root out the bad apple, everyone from Ja Yeong to Director Na to Pyeon Dong-Il and whomever else perpetuated incompetence and, what's worse, the cover-up of it. How could none of them understand that there is no compromise when it comes to corruption.

I continue to appreciate Ban Seok despite having been pulled and tugged one way than the other as office politics yoyo he's never compromised himself only when he realized he was fighting a losing battle did he decide to give up but even then when Shin told him how the software he developed could help save the company he didn't hesitate to share it with Ja Yeong.

I was so excited for the opportunity for him to present his development to the President; it's about time for him to shine. I hoped it would work out but had an unshakable feeling that Han or even Mr. Na would tamper with his software of the demonstration chip. In that sense, I wouldn't be shocked if they did. I am on pins and needles until tomorrow, an opportunity to see goodness prevail for a change.

I love Jo Bok Rae as President Han Seung Gi; he perfected the role and looked for authority required in a president. I must give credit where credit is due, too; Moon So Ri as Dang Ja Yeong is brilliant. Not only does she cleverly brings attention to the problem, but she presents a solution too. And so is Jung Jae Young as Ban Seok and Lee Sang Yeob as Han Se Kwon, most of all for making me truly hate his guts; all perfectly cast. Great actors represented an equally great drama. I love On the Verge of Insanity for highlighting how people's choices define who they are; it shows their character to the world. And that the only more shocking than the truth are the lies that people tell to cover it up. But I should've known neither Mr. Na nor anyone else would let Ban Seok or Ja Yeong off with a win. But since they haven't done anything wrong, they have nothing to fear.

I swear Ja Yeong and Ban Seok are far better people than me. I doubt I would have felt any empathy for Han Sewon for the decisions and choices and not realizing the magnitude of his incompetence, and more for continuing to believe his connections and relationships, giving him free rein to unaccountability. As they say, admitting to one's mistakes and taking responsibility for one's actions require courage and tremendous humility, which Han Sewon lacks. Saying sorry requires a higher level of intellectual capacity, and only tough-minded individuals like Ja Yeong can do it effortlessly. I admire her for taking the steps she does this week to rectify some of the choices she's made despite the consequence of her doing that. Shin Han Soo was right all along; what is the point of working hard for a company that doesn't appreciate one's best efforts.



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