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River -- Episode 11: To Defeat Thy Enemy Know Thy Self

They say there are no secrets time will not reveal, which is especially true in Mo Yong's case. I knew the minute General Go suddenly showed up to rescue Mo Yong that her secret wasn't that anymore. I can only imagine what would happen to Mo Yong with her adopted father, let alone the royal palace, if they'd discover her truth. How General Go plans to use the information now that he knows Mo Yong's secret will be fun to watch. Seeing him turn obsessive, though, is not a route I would've rather he'd taken.

I was a bit surprised as smart as Mo Yong is; she let her guard down with a shaman. I guess even the smartest of people make mistakes. She and Shaman Doo Joong Seo, allying for a common goal, now that we have a glimpse into his backstory, makes total sense even if their reasoning differs. But if she thinks she can keep her plans hidden from General Go, she has something else coming her way. It's only a matter of time before he finds her, the shaman, and the King and Princess out.

As I said before, I understood why On Dal's father wanted his son to live a fool's life to spare him a bloody one, but being a fool wouldn't have spared him bleeding. One must be willing to let go of the life others planned to have the life waiting for them. I was glad to see father and daughter united in their quest to save Goguryeo from Go Won Pyo and the Gyeru Tribe's hold through the strengthening of the Sunno Tribe and who better to lead them than General On Hyub's son; bound to be as might as him. And to be that, as Wol Gwang told On Dal, he needs to know himself first.

I fully understand the King's concept of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But to defeat one's enemy, one must know their enemy's friend from foe, for to only know one's own strength and not the enemy's is a defeat for every victory gained. And the King, not knowing he's sleeping with the enemy, the Queen, Go Won Pyo woman is that indeed. Blood is thicker than water, and the question the Princess posed to Go a long time ago is posing itself again given a choice between his father and her who would he choose; I think we may finally be getting that answer. Things are getting pretty interesting. Watch Episode 11 here.



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