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River -- Episode 4: Choices: Assassin or Princess

Everything about River Where the Moon Rises works, the casting, directing, the script, even down to the story's era. So, in that sense, there's nothing worse than a weak-minded King, and King Pyeong Won is as worse as they come. Despite knowing Go Won Pyo's evilness, he not only succumbed to him but let him manipulate him. That his evil deeds now torment him is but a small price to pay for his cowardice.

I can only imagine how much more tortuous Pyeonggang's return will be for the King and all those who've wronged her and the Queen, and I am glad for it. I know I said I love Go Geon; well, it's more than that I'm head over heels. Hae Mo Yong is so arrogant, and even more of a fool than On Dal ever was. As they say, only fools and liars claim to know everything, and she's undoubtedly both while On Dal is neither.

What terrible truths to know about one's own father, that they not only let your mother get murdered but let you die, but it's a truth that needed telling, hopefully, it will only make Ga Jin stronger. They say what's meant to be will always find a way and that On Dal and Ga Jin were fated is evident. I understood On Dal's pain in finding out the person you're starting to have feelings for is the reason you and your tribe live in hiding. It's not an easy reality to take on, but I also get his conflict the same as I understood Go Geon's actions but more his choice. By choosing the Princess, he as good as abandoned his father. l I hope he's prepared for the consequences as his father will not take kindly to him trying to bring the Princess back to the palace.



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