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River -- Episode 1: Princess Pyeonggang, the Makings of a Warrior

As I was first deciding on this show, I got curious and scoured the internet for information on the drama and the real historical figures it depicts. I came across an article where the screenwriter discussed the key things to keep an eye on when watching the drama; he spoke highly of the actors' elegance and charm and top-class performances regardless of their generation. He went on to say how the one word, ‘warrior,’ would completely change the vibe of Pyeonggang and On Dal's story from the famously well-known tale of the crybaby Princess and of On Dal the fool.

Born a princess of Goguryeo, Pyeonggang, political scheming, and a murderous plot forces her into hiding, and she winds up living her life as Yeom Ga Jin, a warrior of an entirely different social status; her life completely changes when she meets On Dal, a gentle and pure-hearted commoner and a contrast to the princess' personality lived his life as a fool as per his father's advice but later rose through the ranks to become a General of Goguryeo.

The title, River Where the Moon Rises, and having both Kim So Hyun as Yeom Ga Jin/Princess (she looks fantastic) and Kim Ji Soo, as On Dal, whom I adore in a historical drama, is what first caught my attention. I must say I am awed by its great filming and directing, but then that's what has always drawn me to historical dramas, that and the costumes, of course. The writer wasn't lying when the drama would lack nothing, be it in its cinematography, editing, music, or art; it would give us viewers a chance to taste a feast for all five of our senses; he wasn't lying. Add to that the slew of great actors, including Lee Ji Hoon. Seeing On Dal's father, General On-hyeop, Chief of the Sunnobu tribe and national general of Goguryeo, I can totally understand how he defeated the odds and became General despite Go Won Pyo's Goguyero's most influential politicians' ambush and declaration of his father as a traitor. As they say, the apple never falls far from the tree. Impressive first episode; I look forward to seeing what else River Where the Moon Rises brings. Watch Episode 1 here.



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