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Sisyphus -- Episode 2: Busan, Where the Present May Meet the Future

Sisyphus's second episode has something for everybody, from fast-paced action to high-velocity fight sequences to nerdy science experiments -- it's epically intense. And as events unfold, we are left pondering the possibility that Han Tae Sul's brother may not be dead after all, which opens up a worm of questions, and the more Tae Sul digs, the deeper the mystery gets.

The one fact that remains true is that the mysterious luggage Tae Sul found indeed belongs to his brother, as was the figure of the man he saw crashing into the airplane on the footage the co-pilot gave him. Having not received Kang Seo Hae's warning not to open the luggage, Tae Sul does, and in it, he finds his brothers' belongings; his treasured old camera, an old flip phone, and a key. In the camera, Tae Sul finds a roll of film, which he develops and finds pictures from the future of his wedding, his brother, and a conference set to take place in the future. All this leaves Tae Sul confused, and he decides the only way to find out more is to attend the conference in Busan.

Once the luggage is opened, it alters two separate groups -- an ominous Control Bureau (immigration agency or so they call themselves) and an equally ambiguous travel broker group. Both are after the luggage and the key. As Tae Sul ponders his new findings and decisions, Seo Hae tries to take stock of hers but quickly realizes the ominous Control Bureau tracked her to Choi Jae Sun's apartment, a Chinese food delivery worker who gave her a place to stay in exchange for winning lotto numbers. What follows is a great fight sequence where Seo Hae fiercely battles against 10 or more agents with guns, gets the better of them, and manages to escape. Probably the best scene of the entire episode, and the episode had quite a few good ones. She also decides she needs to head to Busan to find Han Tae Sul.

A lot happens with Sisyphus in this second episode. But it does a good job of giving us glimpses into both Tae Sul and Seo Hae's pasts that help us build a picture of them, what motivates them and how they both come to find themselves in their current predicaments. In Seo Hae's world, we get a look into a future in complete ruins, lacking the necessities of life, and to save her world, she decides to travel back in time, battle great challenges to find the one person she believes can save her world and his future.

In Tae Sul, we see a man, although successful, is chained to a past (his brother's death a decade ago) that will not change no matter how hard he tries to escape it. He lives a life burdened by regret for failing to support a brother who supported him throughout his endeavors. Seeing both Tae Sul and Seo Heo cross each other as they head to Busan brings a promise of major change to both their lives, and I am excited about it. One thing is for sure with this drama; no one is to be trusted outside of Seo Hae and Tae Sul. Watch Episode 2 here.



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